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Airport Piestany 1.22

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Airport Piestany - Slovakia

Motorcycle and automobile natural circuit at the spa town of Piestany.

Created By: Miro KUREK

Release date: 29.04.2017

Lenght of the track 4,4 km/ 2.73 miles
Width of the track 10 - 15 m
Pitboxes 24
Direction of the track clockwise

We accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of our mods/patches.

To unpack using 7.z !

I Hope you enjoy it.

© 2017 Miro Kurek



File size
98.1 MB
First release
Last update
4.69 star(s) 26 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Repair of fast and pit lane

    - Repair of fast and pit lane - Modifying first chicane
  2. Update 1

    - Fix some of the objects, adjust the chicanes, more rougher track, repair the cameras

Latest reviews

Great track but that glider seems to not work how it's supposed to :D
Cant unpack for some reason...
Unzip the file in 7.z ! (
great track. thx
Glad this track now has a working AI in the pits. Do wish the pit boxes were straight bit it's no biggie.
nice speed track
Unfortunatelly, I coundn't unzip this file.
grazie ;)
Love this track!
grazie ;)
Goog job. I like it. Thanbks
Nice track,thanks....
Please add working AI in pit and working fast lane. Thanks!
Lovely fast track!! Had a blast with the Escorts and those two chicanes at the back straight are flat out!! Simply awesome!
Warning: this track is incredibly addictive !

I was skeptic after reading previous reviews, so I tried.. and I get high :P (even literally with a MP4-12C which think it's a plane) Especially with standard "street GT" cars like the Gallardo SL and the 458, this track is very fun, safe, with a great rythm all along a lap and I guess it could also be fun for drifters.

But not 5 stars because tires pile are (maybe) randomly super light tires (objects should have more weight, don't know however how this can be managed when creating track), or fully filled with concrete ("ouuuppsss my car !!"), which make some mistakes costly than we may first thought. And there are some invisible walls and holes in the terrain.
Cameras need some adjustments, they usually left the car too early and the next camera only catch it far away, missing good shots with the previous one.

But (again) contrary to some others reviews, the track is good as it is, maybe improving skidmarks and adding some details here or there.

To anyone willing to try this track: be also careful of the glider and/or the chopper ! You take a look and... crash :D.
Parada, I remember this track, were there for few races, now its used only for drag and drift :) Nice graphic, drove only on drift track so cant say how good it is it... but in general nice track I really love it as well as Slovakia ring from you, I should buy you a beer :)
Great track nothing too complicated about it. Somewhat similar to the Miseluk circuit in that it's a series of long open straights and tighter chicanes. It makes the track perfect as a test circuit for when you install a new mod or want to try a car you haven't driven in a while.

I took a McLaren P1 round the track and it's quite thrilling threading the needle in the last chicane at 200mph.

If anyone is interested you can view the lap here:
This track is what it is and it doesn't try to be anything fancy. It's a simple layout, but in many parts of the world you run whatever track is nearest to you and they're not all going to be Bilster Berg.

I do agree that the relative simplicity of the layout could be greatly enhanced with a slightly more detailed road mesh. Some bumps and unevenness would add greatly to the character of this layout.

Also, I think just a bit more depth to the chicanes would go a long way towards making this a really fun track. A couple of them, I think you can practically drive straight through them - especially because the barrels and cones aren't solid objects.

I hope this track receives more attention. Layouts like this are very nice changes of pace! I'm already a fan...Well done.
Miro well done. I'm usually not a fan of flat tracks, but this one works very well! Great fun and well made
Great track! Tried a variety of cars around it. Good work, thanks!
Thank you
Assetto Corsa - curro - Track Mod - Airport Piestany v.1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - curro - Track Mod - Airport Piestany v.1.0 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)