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Adding spectators to Australian Grand Prix - Albert Park Circuit

Adding spectators to Australian Grand Prix - Albert Park Circuit 1.0

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Hi everyone.

Personally, I don't like circuits without audiences, it takes away a lot of atmosphere.

Therefore, I share a little mod for the Australian Grand Prix, that adds spectators to the stands.

It's made for the track of the RSS FH 2021 - F1 2021 Full Season ‘Custom Championship'

If you want to add more spectators, simply increase the number of ELEMENTS in each line of the camera_facing file (be careful, it can greatly affect performance and cause fps drops).

In case you have compatibility problems, in the download I left a link with my version of the track.

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Latest reviews

thanks a lot, it looks so great! now i feel this track more realistic and i enjoy it 100%. thanks again
Excellent. Also sure like your version of the track. Thanks for including that. Have you any plans for some version of Monaco?

Thanks for the review. Monaco will be here soon, as soon as I have time to make a video, I upload it. :)
Great job fella - Works a treat with your version which I've updated on the GDrive to include the live displays as well - Thanks a lot - really appreciated
Hi! Thank you very much for your support.

Your work goes a long way and makes these mods easy.

Unfortunately, sometimes I can't make it compatible with certain extensions on some circuits. They are specific cases, so I added an optional link to my version of the circuit.
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