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ACLIB 0.4.1

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Hey all,

This page was updated after release 0.4!

ACLIB is meant to improve 2 things:
  1. Add customizable UI widgets for reuse
  2. Separate data for apps into logical categories.

This app/library is mostly intended for people who have some knowledge of AC app development. Novice users will probably have a hard time exploring all the features (although I try to update the documentation with every new version) but it is not impossible to use it. There are plenty of examples and existing apps.

UI widgets do wrap the existing AC widgets (labels, buttons, ...) and simplify some parts of them. The biggest benefit of using this app is that code writing with ACLIB is reusable and apps written in ACLIB can communicate with each other. This means you don't have to start from scratch every time you want to create an app.

  • Customizable UI widgets (ProgressBar, Scaler, ListBox)
  • UI Layouts (Grid, Box)
  • Type aware configuration files (allows assignment of complex statements)
  • Events for UI widgets (i.e. If a widget is resized, all children will be resized automatically)
  • Events for AC data (You can attach callback functions to events to avoid recomputing the same thing 10 times in 10 different apps.)

To see what you can do with this library take a look here where screenshots of apps are stored.

This is a work in progress and by no means complete.

If you have questions of any kind feel free to ask me here or on github.
For more information documentation visit github (there is also a wiki).

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