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ACL Trans-Am #6 Camaro & #79 Cougar and the Race Preset Grid File (1968 TA @ Riverside)

ACL Trans-Am #6 Camaro & #79 Cougar and the Race Preset Grid File (1968 TA @ Riverside) 2019-10-20

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#6 Mark Donohue Camaro


#79 Mark Waco Mercury Cougar
I have posted these two cars because I have changed some info in their files and think this is the easier way to get you to have these cars in your 1968 Riverside carset. The work is by the mod makers or their original painters.

One of the greatest things I've discovered in Assetto Corsa and specifically the Content Manager is the ability we have to set up a grid, rate the cars and race a simulated race with a carset like this. I have spent many hours building such a "preset" for this set and watched them run a full 96 lap race on lilski's wonderful Riverside "Short" just as they did in the day. Watching the #77 Fisher Camaro and #5 Starr Mustang fight their way through the field at just off the race leader's speed is an amazing thing to see. I myself always start at the back with them and try to keep up. It's one of the most rewarding sim racing experiences I've had. I envision myself as another club level privateer just happy to be on the track with the likes of Donohue, Revson, Follmer, Titus, Kwech, and the others. I invite y'all to set up such a race and relive the race yourself.


So here is that "Race Preset" to be honest I'm not exactly sure how to tell you how to install it.
Here is the address it's found in my pc:
"user_name"/AppData/Local/AcToolsContentManager/Presets/Race Grids
It's in with the car skins...

Please be so kind as to throw a Bro a LIKE and a rating! THANKS

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Very beautiful skin, but where we have these cars I do not find them
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Awesome stuff Bill. Still need to put that paypal donation tab in your postings.
Geez stop nagging me Mom! :)
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