AC Legends Trans-Am Mod: #9 Ray Wolfe '65 Mustang (1968 TA @ Riverside)

AC Legends Trans-Am Mod: #9 Ray Wolfe '65 Mustang (1968 TA @ Riverside) 2019-10-18

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#9 Ray Wolfe Mustang
Another SCCA Club racer makes the big boys field @ Riverside. Ray qualified at P15 right in the heart of the U2 Porsche 911s crowd. He finished 13th overall and 8th in class so he managed to beat or outlast two thirds of the O2 class while only completing 79 laps to the race winner's 96 laps.

Riverside would be Wolfe's only Trans-Am Series appearance in 1968.

Interesting bit of background on this car...and how doing old Trans-Am skins goes...I had this car as a red car right up to my doing this post when I came across a bit of info on it which told me the car was actually I had to redo it before I could post it here. This sort of thing happens all the time with vintage racecars, you look and look for this type of information think you have it then it suddenly takes a turn in another in essence, these sets are always a work in progress.

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Very much enjoying these Mustang skins. Running them on Thomsen this weekend.
Glad to hear that, thanks for your support
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