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AC Legends T290 Lola Skins 2

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Hello, if you're a bit weird like me and actually like making up single make championships, then these liveries could be just for you!

I really like the T290, its ace to drive in VR, but its a bit underpowered compared to the rest of the cars in the fantastic AC Legends pack. So I decided to run my own single make championship - but unfortunately there weren't enough liveries to go around - so I set to work!

Also, the skins work on the Rfactor2 Lola T280 as well - bonus!

The original car mod can be found within the description of Chris Haye's excellent video here - it gets the blood pumping.

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  1. Updated file names

    Updated the file names to avoid accidental overwrites of existing #22 & #30 folders

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Much needed. Thanks!
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
Thanks! Appreciate these.
Nice thanks. Keep in mind that the #22 and 30 will overwrite present skins (for people that have these installed).
I see! I didn't have a 22 or 30 in my original file so I didn't experience the problem, I can relabel the files so not to cause the issue for those who are unaware, I'll update it now.