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2015 Wales Rally GB - David Higgins & Craid Drew - Colin McRae Tribute Car 1.0

Subaru WRX STI N4

  1. fenes94
    Team: Subary Rally Team USA
    Car: Subaru WRX STI - Group N
    Driver: David Higgins
    Co-driver:Craig Drew
    Year: 2015
    Series: FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) - Wales Rally GB
    postscript: Unforunetly I didn't found how can I managed for glass for number and driver & co-driver names.I hope You like it and enjoy! 1.jpg LG1_5026_Web.jpg LG1_5528_Web.jpg Screenshot_rw_subaru_impreza2015_r4_pineridgerally_27-10-116-21-13-43.jpg Screenshot_rw_subaru_impreza2015_r4_pineridgerally_27-10-116-21-22-4.jpg