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2015 Chip Ganassi Racing 1.1

Skins for URD Chevrolet Indycar

  1. TheHammes
    This pack includes a road and an oval version of No.8 Chevrolet driven by Sage Karam, No.9 Target Chevrolet driven by Scott Dixon, No.10 NTT Data Chevrolet by Tony Kanaan and No.83 NovoLog FlexPen Chevrolet driven by Charlie Kimball.
    upload_2015-12-21_20-18-13.png upload_2015-12-21_20-19-2.png

    upload_2015-12-21_20-18-23.png upload_2015-12-21_20-19-11.png

    upload_2015-12-21_20-18-30.png upload_2015-12-21_20-19-21.png

    upload_2015-12-21_20-18-51.png upload_2015-12-21_20-19-31.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. stormcat
    Version: 1.1
    Very nice work ..Hoe to see the 2018 skins when the new Indycar is releaded
  2. asehauDLM
    Version: 1.0
    Great collection of skins, thank you!
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