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1999 Warsteiner Team 0.1a

Based on the 1999 Mercedes Benz Atego Race Truck

  1. vbomfim
    First attempt at making a skin. Based on the 1999 Mercedes-Benz Atego Race Truck - Warsteiner Team 1:43 miniature I had laying on my desk.

    I had some hard time dealing with the different body the livery was originally made for, so some logos are in different positions, specially on the back of the cabin and side skirts

    This is not a final work yet (I spent around 4 hours on this only).

    Please do not mirror this. If you are going to use it as a base to your own skin, I will gladly share the PSD.

    To install, just extract it under your FTruck2013\Gamedata\Vehicles\FTruck2013\Mannheim_Teams directory.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome.


    1. FTruck-2015-08-07-21-46-11-80.jpg
    2. FTruck-2015-08-07-21-46-41-53.jpg
    3. FTruck-2015-08-07-21-46-52-15.jpg
    4. FTruck-2015-08-07-21-47-10-09.jpg
    5. miniature.jpg
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