1991 F1 Liveries Formula A MOD 2015-12-25

1991 F1 Liveries Formula A

  1. doc303
    F1 1991 Liveries Mod - 27 cars for all teams plus CustomLiveries

    read the "HOW TO INSTALL"

    Thank´s to @Reiche for the idea and help to test the MOD
    and he makes the TO DO readme and give me the essential files

    Thank´s to @chargingcar for the Formula A template

Recent Reviews

  1. seanstar
    Version: 2015-12-25
    Great mod :) thanks
  2. sogoku
    Version: 2015-12-25
    Excelent Mod. You could do modern and old DTM too. I think many of us would be very grateful. Nice present. Mery Xmas