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Your AC track wishlist (Top 5)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by BanjoMaster, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. As a way to pass the time until release, and as an interesting little exercise in it's own right, what 5 tracks would you like to see from Kunos in AC? Not including the ones already confirmed (and I'm including the Nordschleife in that list for now!).

    My list would be:

    1. Spa modern
    2. Brands Hatch
    3. La Sarthe modern
    4. Sugo (onboard for those not familiar with the track - quite Spa like, lots of elevation changes plus the unmistakeable Japanese flavour)
    5. Long Beach

    Your turn! :)

    *edit to add Sugo onboard clip*
  2. 1. Spa
    2. Suzuka
    3. Okayama
    4. Mid-Ohio
    5. Brands Hatch
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  3. 1. Green Hell
    2. Suzuka
    3. SPA Franchorchamps
    4. Monaco
    5. Le Mans
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  4. Just 3 for me:

  5. Red Bull Ring (A1 Ring)
  6. Sebring
    Road America
    Daytona International Speedway Road Course
  7. 1. Nurburgring
    2. Bathurst
    3. Spa
    4. Suzuka
    5. Isle of Man TT
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  8. 1.IOM TT
    2. old Assen TT
    3.old Dundrod
    4.Mount Arrowsmith
  9. magicfr


    Same :)
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  10. only a modern one's

    1 Sportsland Sugo
    2 Circuit Park Zandvoort
    3 Automotodrom Brno
    4 Salzburgring
    5 Zolder

    Correct me if I'm wrong Banjo, is "Green hell" is the same as Nordschleife? :laugh:
  11. Yep :D
  12. Edited my initial post to put Sugo onboard vid on for anyone who's not aware of it's greatness :)
  13. Adrian Britton

    Adrian Britton
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Brands Hatch
    Oulton Park

    I know its more then five sorry, but I would love to have a BTCC mod on Assetto Corsa.
    Its hard to find one worth running on any of the titles available.
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  14. The Argentinian one.. can't remember the name though.
  15. Potrero de los Funes

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  16. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    can i like this lots and lots. ie All of what he said :)
  17. Bathurst !!!
    Spa is obvious.. and while you're at it go to Zolder... it's great to drive.

    What I really would like is a tool to create my own tracks without knowing anything about programming ;)
  18. 1. Spa
    2. Suzuka
    3. Interlagos
    4. Montreal
    5. Mid-Ohio

    I am fine with these tracks being download content, cost doesn't matter if it is laser scanned and I can drive whenever I want without additional monthly fees :cool:
  19. Speaking about a simulation in particular Dennis ?? :D
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  20. Green Hell from the 50´s i think.
    Looks scary!

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