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yet another pc build advice thread (UK based)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nigel Atkins, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. right as a treat for quitting da weed and also quitting fags very shortly i`m have permission from her in doors to treat my self to a descent pc from the proceeds of selling my off roader.

    budget around £700

    black budget tower case (so long as it does the job not after anything flash)
    i7 cpu
    6 GB ram
    850W PSU
    Asus MB
    ATI 4890 1GB or 4870X2

    i also need a 1TB HD & a creative sound blast x-fi xtreme audio pci-e but this will be in addition to the main budget as i`m using then in my old gaming rig to be used as an entertainment center, i may also need a DVDRW, i`ve got a liteon 1673s but will need to test it as i`m not sure if it still works ok.

    i think thats everything lol

    thanks Nigel :glasses-cool:
  2. Don't want much for 700 smackaroonies do ya? lol

    It's gonna be tight if you can do it. It looks more like a £900 jobby. i7 bundles are still pretty costly, £500+ and 4890s are £150+
  3. read the post fully, about £100 worth is extra to my £700 budget :tongue:

    i posted this on another site and all in cost including delivery were £815, but that was from scan.co.uk and i`ve since been told there dodgy so i thought i`d post it here also :wink2:
  4. and like everything in life, quotes usually come out more expensive than originally planned :wink2:
  5. Do Aria and that other place ship to the Emerald Isle?
  6. What is wrong with Scan? Imo they are the best computer parts company in the UK. They have good prices, quick phone support, fast RMA return time and forum support over at hexus where Scan employees respond to questions/issues. Moreover being a member at hexus with about 25 posts entitles you to free next day delivery on orders over about £20. Win win to me...
  7. you can blame Tusto, he told me scan were doddgy lol

    thanks for the info Oli :good:
  8. they charged a lot for Postage. (but not if you have posted 25 times on some forum)
  9. Ye scan are fine just postage can be allot, I prefer Ebuyer or Novatech personally though, more into Novatech recently, they are very good and growing into the best PC parts online store in the UK.

    I would recommend this Nigel, very good build.
  10. Thanks for all you input guys :good;

    ive think ill have to build my new pc in 2 stages, its my daughters 21st birthday party on Friday so am struggling to get everything all in one go and i dont want to compramise the build spec.
    So ill probebly be getting the Case,MB,CPU & Ram ASAP, and use my current Graphics card and PSU. then add new Graphics card and PSU shortly after that :good:

    i cant see the OEM i7 on the site so i guess its out of stock :(

    also im torn between the Asus P6T & the Gigabyte EX58, i like the fact that the Asus has 2 extra ram slots, but the Gigabyte looks like it has better Pci-e options. but i cant really see me needing more than 8GB of Ram.
  11. Gigabyte & Asus cant go wrong with either, been into Gigabyte more personally recently though.
  12. Nige drop me a PM when your about to spend your money and I'll see what I can put together for you. Things change so quickly on PC websites with items going up/down in price and things going out of stock. :good:
  13. ok Dan.

    i was just fantasy shopping at ebuyer and they seemed a bit cheaper than novatech. expect a pm come tues/weds next week, sold a bit more off roading gear so budget is now around £800 :good:

    Thanks :)
  14. Oh and what does the "DO Stepping" mean they are a bit cheaper than ones that don't say it and i also noticed OEM CPU`s only have 1yr warranty were as the retail have 3yrs.
  15. I honestly wouldn't worry about processor warranty, in my years (7) of building and fixing PC's for people (I have spent over £20k at Novatech building PC's for friends and work colleagues, some sick rigs included! and a nice little earner) I have never known a processor to die, always the motherboard, ram or PSU. I am sure almost every one on this forum has had the same experience?

    D0 is the newest revision for the i7's, just like th G0 for the Q6600. It should in theory overclock better at a lower voltage, its like a intel manufacturing tweak.

    I have used other websites like ebuyer, scan and dabs but in general use Novatech because they are local and whenever I get a faulty component they just swap it without any questions.