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Xbox 360 Controller Advanced Settings (PC)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by hbk757, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Got to mess around a bit with the game last night before going to bed, and initial impressions are this is WAY harder than 2010 on a pad. Traction control off for example is just beyond mental. This of course could be down to my car setup (I suspect not) or my advanced controller settings (I suspect mine are way off). I also had to set the steering deadzone to at least 18-20, otherwise the car would drift left/right on straights on it's own. Again, this could be down to my other steering settings being completely wrong.

    Has anyone had any success with the 360 pad and would be willing to share their advanced wheel settings please?

    Thanks! :cool:
  2. I've noticed the same thing, I'm using a Logitech F310 and I'm having a really hard time. I don't really have any idea where to put the saturation and linearity..
  3. it's just impossible to use a controller i think lol, things happen too fast and the controller is too slow.
  4. try copying the configs of wheel user, 50% linearity then 0% everything.
  5. Im finding it fine with 20% deadzone, 10% steering linearity, rest 0%.
    You just got to get the timing right and be able to judge the time it takes to get the steering wheel to the point it needs to be to make the turn and turn just that much earlier. I got the hang of it after about 10laps.
  6. it's much better with the linearity at 50% but i can't get used to turning the wheel bvefore i'm even at the turn. it doesn't process well in my head haha
  7. yeah i know, i got used to that with 2010.
  8. You're saying set the saturation to 0%? Are you using a gamepad?
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice.....even a set up makes a difference on your handling. I Use a controller, just practice man. Tweak and fine tune as much as you want but i kept my sensitivity the same. practice makes a master...not saying im one...is just a quote.
  10. this actually felt pretty good to me. i struggled for the longest time with last years game trying to get the settings right and by the end i did but this years game handles much different. certainly improved but different. the default 360 controls were fine on medium and long turns but tight turns and quick back and forths like the last chicane in spain and several turns in monaco just felt impossible to be smooth and consistent with using a controller.

    i plan to keep tinkering with them and i assume others will as well. definitely would love to see input form those who feel they've nailed it on this regard as i think it has a rather overwhelming effect on one's ability to enjoy the game.
  11. hey guys, how are you changing advanced settings for 360 controller? it is greyed out for me
  12. where it says control profile tab it to the right one and it will go to custom. then you have access to the options and can also re-map the keys however you wish
  13. thanks man
  14. Im using the Xbox 360 Game Pad. After 2010 i have got used to the delay and can exactly judge how long it takes to get the steering wheel on screen to match my input and can compensate by turning in earlier than normal.
    Setting the steering saturation higher makes it more twitchy and unless you are very smooth with the joystick making it easier to spin.

    I might raise it a little as im struggling to save the car from spin outs sometimes due to the sluggishness of the steering response.
  15. Whilst I wait for my G27 to arrive (and thank GOD I ordered one for this game!) I'm still using my 360 controller. I was amazed when I jumped straight into FP1 in Career with things set just as before (TC Medium, no ABS, no braking assistance etc) and found I could only do donuts!

    After MUCH tweaking, I've found a setup which can come pretty close to my old F1 2010 profile for my 360 pad.

    Steering Deadzone: [between 20% and 25%]
    Steering Saturation: [between 0% and 5%]
    Steering Linearity: 100%
    Throttle Deadzone: [20% to 25%, I'm using 23%]
    Throttle Saturation: 15%
    Brake Deadzone: [10% to 25% depending on preference]
    Brake Saturation: 15%

    I sometimes prefer a slightly 'heavier' brake so it comes in later and is slightly less aggressive. Turning up the deadzone will make it sharper. Between the range defined above, the throttle should allow you to balance the speed fairly effectively but it can still peak and make the rear wheels light up if you're too harsh. I find I can usually modulate the throttle and hold some wheelspin through the first hairpin in Spa with this :)

    NB - my 360 left analogue stick has a weird bug where it's more 'keen' to turn left than it is right, I suspect the potentiometer was faulty out of the factory but it didn't bother me that much in 2010 because I cranked up the deadzone a little bit. You may even wish to set the deadzone higher - 30%, etc - but I like to be able to perform very small steering movements with a tiny movement of my thumb but also have to push the stick hard left or right to get to lock.

    If anyone can improve on this, fire away!
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  16. this was really helpful, thanks
  17. I don´t use driving helps, but I have to say, that your settings are really helpful. My old settings from 2010 aren´t really good in 2011. So, I´m grateful.
  18. Control Pad users (Xbox 360)

    So I'm at Malaysia in my career, using a control pad on xbox, and almost every turn I spin out. I can only avoid it if I slow right down and tip toe through the corner. It's really annoying as the game is pretty much unplayable for me now. I'm thinking it's because I use a control pad because you can't keep a thumbstick steady through corner like you can with a wheel.

    Are there any other control pad users experiencing this?
  19. i used to use ps3 stick and it took some time to get used to but you basically have to find the right setup for the car (which is alot more important with thumb sticks because you have constant movement on the wheel and not a smooth flow through corners like a wheel) and do alot of practice in figuring out which corners need extra love.
  20. Melbourne is borderline impossible in the wet without full TC on my pad.