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WTCC 2012 & 2013

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Adam Jonas, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Hello guys!

    I haven't written for a long time, unfortunately I haven't got enough time for it. In the last few days, I thought a lot on that if I should release a V3 version of the WTCC 2011, with updated skins & physics as well. And my conclusion was the following: I won't release the WTCC 2011, instead I will release a WTCC 2011-2012-2013 modification, which will include the updated physics & the latest WTCC 2011 skins.

    So, now I need some modders/skinners to join to this work, and bring for the community a high-quality modifications.

    If I will have some status update, I will post it here.

    Have a nice day guys! :)
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  2. sounds like a plan , I do beleive James has some or all the WTCC 2012 (skins) done or in progress..:thumbsup:
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  3. cool! :thumbsup:
    as I was working further on my 3D additions to your 2011 mod I allready thought of asking you if I'm allowed to re-upload an altered version of your mod. but it's absolutely the better way in this wise :D so maybe I send my changed/added 3D models (when ready) to you if you want? ;)
  4. Okay, once you've done, please send me the files, and I will put into the mod, of course. :)
  5. Look up Petra GTC, I think she has some models and skins that would fill in the gaps left by simbin.
  6. will the honda civic be in there?
  7. If I will find somebody who can model it, yes. :)
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  8. Hi Adam, I follow your work since the very first version of your WTCC 2011 mod, that I could play last year. I am a member of a crew called Lisgo (this is our website, unfortunately only in Italian), and we're planning a new championship starting next year based on WTCC 2012. Since we loved your 2011 mod, until last week we were thinking to adapt it to the new physics and so on. But now we know that you're working on a new release, so it would be AMAZING having it ready for that.
    So the question is: how can we help you? We have a couple of guys with some experience in modding, since they developed a little mod about BTCC 2012 which was used for our Lisgo BTCC 2012. And we have a guy or two pretty experienced in skinning. I don't know if our experience is enough, but we are really motivated.

    PS: This is our subforum, and this is our FB page.
    PPS: Sorry for my English.
  9. Hello!

    First of all, I'm verry happy of that you like our work. :) I need help particularly in modelling. As I mentioned, I would like to include the Honda Civic & Ford Focus, so I need somebody who can help to make these models. :)
  10. do you want to built them from scratch? because they already exist - but if you want to built them up it would be great! even if I can't offer you any help, unfortunately.
  11. They exist but he can't use them as those models are conversions from other games protected by EULA and thus breaking rules of this forum.
  12. Exactly. Or, as I know, it's a solution to create a program which verifying the original disc & installation code - but, you know, I prefer to build a model from scratch. :)
  13. Just asking - wasn't it allowed to convert models for other games as they aren't included in the original game but built by modders?

    But anyway, I'm fine if you'll prefer scratch made models, way better in my opinion too ;) So I would love to help you, but unfortunately I never learned about 3D :D
  14. can someone confirm or proof that the Focus and Civic from Petra are accurate recreations of the original cars? I have not had the time to check this but maybe someone can tell me the differences or similarities?
    I'm thinking of (don't nail me down on building those models, I'm just thinking of it!) making blueprints from the non-legal models and start building the models from scratch ;) that would be the best way as I'm no pro on using pictures as modeling reference :)
  15. Well, if I understood it correctly, it's allowed, I think, to use a model from other game which built by a modder, BUT, first I need his/her permission to use it somewhere else.
  16. As i saw, the Ford Focus is the same which is used in the real serie, but the Civic is the old one. :)
  17. can confirm that, the Focus is really close to the Focus ST S2000. about the Honda, i'm quite not sure about it.

    the front looks like the old Civic, the back like the new one. IMO. :cautious:

    and about the permission thing: okay then I was right. thanks! :)
  18. Great...so does anyone have good pictures from fron/side/rear/roof so I can compare the 3D models?
    just found bad pictures and as far as I can see the civic from 2012 is definitely the new Civic...so this car has to be build completely from scratch (but would be possible with good pictures and BP for the new Civic roadcar of course ;))
  19. I'll send you a PM with pictures of the Ford soon, if you want to ;)
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  20. Hey guys!

    I started to write a blog of my work on the WTCC 2011-2013. On my blog, you will read the latest news about the developement and the progress of the mod.

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