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WSGT Megane Trophy mini Endurance @ Bahrain GP2013 - Fri 11 April

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Gijs van Elderen, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    WSGT Megane Trophy mini Endurance @ Bahrain GP2013 - Fri 11 April

    Bahrain is famous for their sunset. :) So make sure you have a headlight button assigned. Because the finish will be with stars in the sky and a nice sunset glow. :rolleyes:

    Event Details:
    We will use the Endurance version of the mod for this event !! it has a 100ltr tank of fuel
    Car: WSGT Megane Trophy Download
    Track: Bahrain Endurance GP2013: Download
    MOD: Download
    or Download via Server

    Weather: Sunny
    Road condition: Rubber on track were possible
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Fuel use : x2 this will give you about 40mins of driving in the endurance version of the mod so a pit stop will be required for fuel and maybe tyres depending on your driving style.
    Mechanical failure: Time scaled

    Practice: 19:00 GMT
    Qually: 20:00 GMT 10 minutes
    Warm up: 3 minutes
    Race: 60 mins this is a mini Endurance event

    Note: Don't forget to turn on the headlights when the sim asks you to do. :)

    Racedepartment Calendar: Click here
    Server password: Click here
    Racing rules: Click here

    Sign up list :
    1. Gijs van Elderen
    2. Frederic Schornstein ?
    3. Calum Mclure
    4. Kevin Cox
    5. Giorgio Minga
    6. David O'Reilly
    7. Simon Christmann ?
    8. jörn Horbelt ?
    9. Davy Vandevenne
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
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  2. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    I supposeeeee :D
  3. Interested yes, but first i need to setup my new wheel correct. So i will confirm later ;)
  4. Sign me up pls! :D
  5. set it up in front of you. Between you and your PC screen.
    That looks like the correct way in my opinion.:)
  6. will have a look what my time schedule will say ;) but im interested.
  7. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    gutting. i'm away all of next week :-( (next time!)
  8. Very interested, I'm in! :)
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  9. That sounds like a good plan. :cautious:

    Has somebody good settings for a fanatec CSW?
  10. Nice choice! Hopefully you have the pedals too.
    Update the firmware. :thumbsup:
    Get Fanaleds : click here It controls the leds of the wheel and ABS motors of the pedals if you plug in the pedals via USB. There is a rF2 preset in it.:cool:

    SEN: off ==> controlled by the profiler. 900° in profiler
    FF: 100 ==> gain.
    SHO: 80 (if you want to use the vibration inside the rim)
    ABS: 80 (Vibration Pedals) or controlled by fanaled
    LIN: off ==> linearity always off. stupid setting imo. :O_o:
    DEA: off ==> deadzone
    DRI: 000 ==> driftmode. Try this setting in AC drift mode: -1
    For: 130-170 ==> output. 170 is strong. I know! But I like it some times. Some are at 220.
    Spr: 0 ==> Center spring
    Dpr: 60 ==> Damping (play with this value according to your tastes)
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
  11. Thanks Gijs.
    It feels better now. Now i only didnt get the brakes working like i want them to.
  12. can i join? Lucio Distilleri

  13. Welcome! :thumbsup:
    First thing to do is apply for a license: click here
    Once your license is approved you'll be able to sign up for any event and passwords will be available. :geek:
  14. done
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  15. Sorry can't make it.

    Going to the GP Sidecarcross in Oss.
  16. Server is UP!

    Track layout is Barhain Endurance. GP 2013 :) Ofcourse. :D
    Check your HDR setting at 19:00 (7pm) in game time.
    It could be to dark for some. Turning HDR off is the best option for me.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2014