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Would You Recommend rfactor 2 ?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by 2scoops, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I've played Project Cars, too buggy at the moment. Just getting in to RaceRoom, which I really enjoy. But what about rfactor2. I want to race online more, not necessarily leagues but a lot a various classes to get variety in the cars you drive.
    Would you recommend rfactor2 as a sim and also the popularity of online racing.
  2. I would recommend the RD club races in general. :D

    You can always try the rF2 demo for free on steam or download here.
  3. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    It seems most serious sim racers with any disposable income have it in their collection. :)
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  4. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I wouldn't consider if your looking for a fancy career or AAA visuals (although I think they do the job) But there is handful of cars (mainly isi new updated ones) that are just the best experience on a pc to date. I find myself just picking one track, and one car and lapping and racing for hours. I know that track off by heart then I go pick another car or go and learn another track with another car. That to me is where rf2 shines. As much as I want a custom career and all that, it doesn't really need it. btw that new indy car wow.. its just has everything spot on.

    There is however a few cars in the vanilla collection that need bringing up to date. But with rf2 complexity and depth you only need a handful of cars and good tracks and your away!
  5. Same answer as I gave for AC, but with the addition that rF2's main competition is rF1 which is stable with dozens of AAA mods and any track you can think of ; many AAA quality. And since you have a PC capable of pCars then you can apply some gfx power to AA and rF1 can look very good.

    None of this addresses your desire for pickup racing, however, which is where iRacing shines.
  6. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    The only caveat I would say is that the demo is a very poor representation of the real quality of the full game IMO.:)
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  7. I second that motion! There are few pickup races for the non-password servers so as suggested the RD club races would be a good alternative. With more great content coming in the future it should increase the online pickup races!
  8. rF2 has no superficial nonsense, it's just a pure racing sim, as pure as they come really.
    Unmatched physics, FFB and AI. Great track dynamics. A ton of fantastic content, both 3rd party and of course the official content from ISI which is in a league of its own, physics wise.

    Short answer, yes, rF2 is highly recommendable.
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  9. I wouldn't recommend if you still have to get Assetto Corsa or a more feature complete game. But it's a good game nonetheless, base engine is great but it's just terribly lacks content. ISI stuff isn't all that hot - except maybe some tracks - and most 3rd party mods are just way too experimental or flat out crappy, quick converts. Can't really think of any complete mod that is really good. If actually someone could point me a really good mod, especially cars, I'd be thankful.

    If you are willing to get rFactor 2 and on top of it buy URD stuff, I'd recommend in a heartbeat. Those mods are really good and they show how much of a modern sim rF2 could be.
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  10. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Ferrari 458
    these seem the top in mods for me

    mak group c (didn't like the ffb vo)
    urd cars but seem a bit ac like

    symmons raceway
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  11. I've never understood that buzz phrase, about rF2 lacking content. Doesn't take more than a quick glance at the official download page to see that that's definitely not the case. Sure, the list of cars and tracks isn't GT or Forza levels, but considering that all rF2 content is free of charge, there's definitely a nice amount of great content. Also considering that all the cars have primo physics and FFB, and the tracks are stock full of detail and accuracy, there's really not too much to complain about in that regard.
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  12. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    cmon....some cars aren't up to scratch yet cough f2 cough ....cpm cars are the forefront in sim racing atm. Some Still need updating. Even the cpm cars alone still have a nice selection
  13. I think it's true that rF2 has a decent variety of content. Ranging from open wheel, to GT, to touring car, to a few street cars, to a few historic cars... However, the rather indisputable problem is that these classes majorly lack variety. These classes arent fleshed out with opponents. You have 1 gt2 car, 1 gt3 car, 1 gt4 car, 1 low powered street car, 1 higher powered super car, 1 british touring car, etc.

    Im sure ISI figured they would try to propose classes for modders to create content for, but so far that hasnt happened at all. There are some decent mods out there, but the overall quality of them, at least for me, doesnt stack up.

    The driving is decent enough but I prefer to have a variety of cars on track so things dont become stale, and other sims do a far better job at that. Would I recommend the game? Well, sure. Every sim racer should have more than 1-2 sims. They all have their strengths and fill in the gaps that other sims leave quite nicely. I wouldnt say it is in my top 5 sims though, but it's good for some fun. Although I agree with the above that the demo does a poor job of accurately giving the impression of what the game is actually like. I loathed each of the handful of demo builds I tried over a 1-2 yr period, but got the game in one of rF2's sales months ago, and it feels a lot different to me at least.
  14. Yeah, all pre CPM and pre chassis flex cars need to be updated, no question about that, and luckily for us that process is rather speedy, updates are being released at a very nice pace.

    The thing is though, to me at least, those old cars still have the measure of most anything else out there at the moment, even without CPM and chassis flex etc. But that's just personal taste, and is, obviously, not really discussion material. Just the way I feel.

    Personally I don't need 12 different car brands running simultaneously on track to be occupied and entertained while racing. I'm much too focused and immersed by the racing itself to think about stuff like that. If I have to pass 30 identical cars, or 30 different cars, makes no difference at all. What matters to me is the racing as it's happening.

    Also the number of great mods isn't as low as some people say. It's all coming along very nicely now, and still don't have time enough to try out all the different stuff that gets released on a regular basis. A lot of awesome mods are simply overlooked, either because the modder is too humble and doesn't "push" his work enough, or mods get scoffed at because of rather insignificant little (often visual) flaws.
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  15. William Wester

    William Wester

    I don't feel I'm lacking content or variation...

    EGT - Mercedes, BMW, Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari, Viper
    AMGT3 - Camaro, Corvette, Ferrari, BMW, McLaren, Mecedes, Porsche with skins from 24H Series, ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain, FIAGT3...
    BTTC 12/13/14/15 - Chevy, Ford, Toyota, BMW
    Flat6 Porsche Series
    Indy Car
    Stock Car - Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford
    Toyota Celica GTO
    Skip Barber
    Renault Megan World Trophy
    Group C Prototypes - Mazda, Porsche
    Vintage Lola T70/T280
    Renault Clio-Cup
    Spec Miata
    Historic EVE F1/2/3, Spark F1/2/3
    FVR V8 Supercars - Ford, Holden, Mercedes, Nissan, Volvo
    Renault FR3.5
    Formula (ISI)
    Fiat Abarth - 500AC, 695AC, 695EVO
    and more...
    and 60 or so tracks, not counting variations of each. And I'm picky on the quality otherwise I could install even more.

    Not much content?
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  16. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    That's 3420 combinations, better get to work, that's a lot of learning.:D
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  17. If you enjoy sim racing (that's why you're here) then you should at least try the demo.

    As for rF2, it is the most advanced sim available, has most if not all of the features people want (variable weather & time of day, excellent FFB, sublime physics and tyre model) and the list of 3rd party content grows each month plus ISI produce excellent free content.
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  18. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I do like the 3pa idea, and they are doing suzuka by the looks of it. I would like to see mod cars be given the 3pa treatment there vo, There are a few mods which could need some ISI love i think.
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  19. The 3PA concept is very nice indeed. We as users get a lot more content, and the modders working on those 3PA projects get some well deserved promotion as well. It's one o' them win-win situations. It really makes it all feel like one big community collaboration, which is quite cool and unique.

    More and more people express interest in rF2 modding these days, partly because it's nowhere near the "black art" that people perceived it as a few years ago. Knowledge is shared in the open and pretty much anyone can pick it up and get the help needed to produce something awesome.
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  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    A big community collaboration would be that modding teams would actually make those tracks. 3PA is very nice indeed for us users but lets be honest, it's a business decision because too little community content is created for rFactor 2 unfortunately.
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