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Worth buying in current state?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by dcully, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. As per title is it worth grabbing right now guys?
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Depends on who you ask I think, but I say yes. Reason, it's a heck load of fun, feels amazing, a lot of content coming around, and definately something that will be used for a very long time to come.

    So my answer is yes, especially with the GOLD stage coming up.
  3. Thanks mate, im a past iracing member for a few years but it all got a bit mad for me in the amount of time needed to dedicate to it.
    I quite enjoy running against the AI in my sims, how is the AI as of now?
    Also what content comes with the game ?
  4. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    With the game, you get a list of default content. With IRacing, all comes from the game designers, but with rfactor2, most content comes from the modding community. We have recently started to fill our downloads section again, with all the content.

    You can have a look at the default content on the download site from ISI. There the tracks and cars are listed. Click here for that.

    With AI at 120%, you sure have to try hard to get to the nr1 spot. However, with custom content (tracks), it all depends on the amount of time the creator has put in creating a decent AI configuration. If they did a good job, the AI is doing a great job.

    So, offline driving is a good option for sure :)
  5. Thanks once again :)
  6. Hmm ive decided to seek a refund,in its current form its nowhere near the likes of iracing Game Stock Car,Formula Truck.
    I cannot get over how ugly it is but the physics just feel weird to me which is even more important.
    I just cant bring myself to play it as it is right now with so many better sims out there, if the finished product is vastly improved i will buy it again but for now im out.
  7. Unbelievable. rFactor 2 is one of the best physics IMHO and the graphics are not bad at all with the right settings. Did you check some videos in the Videos section here???

    Do you have a low end pc? And what controller did you use? Which cars and tracks did you try?
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  8. I have a very high spec PC,G25 wheel.
    Yeah ive watched some videos.
    Ive tried all cars and tracks, been at it since i bought it earlier, my god it is ugly.
    If there wasnt so much choice out there i might stick with it but for now it really is sub par to me.
  9. If this is ugly for you, then OK.

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  10. Im not the only one who thinks its ugly man, the net is full of similar opinions.
    GSC and Formula Truck both look better they are an older engine.
  11. LOL
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  12. Nice constructive reply.
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  13. Croft, Poznan. Sebring, Putnam, Mid Ohio ugly?

    Aye righto! :laugh:

    The "net" is also full of opinions that the tracks listed above are the dogs danglies by the way.
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  14. rF2 is not a jump in and race sim. It's not aiming for the piece of cake community nor for simplicity.

    It's rather the opposite. It is there to please hard core sim racers.
    It has more options and features than anything else out there in it's current state and it's only going to be more and better.

    Like it is with everything with loads of options you can choose the wrong one or the right one.
    If you get your settings right and spend time with it you'll enjoy it very much.
    I fact, I would go so far and say that after racing with rF2 I can hardly race anything else anymore with a static frozen environment. It's the most immersive sim out there for me with out a doubt and it's starting to look really good also. Some top notch tracks are definitely there on the laser scanned track level.

    What some randome dudes on the net say which are used to jump in and race in a game is not relevant at all here. Hunting for leader board times is not what you get here.

    If you have an idea about operating systems a comparison between linux and rF2 is quite good.
    There are dozens of dudes which say it's crap but there are some which swear on it for a good reason.
  15. You must have missed where i mentioend iracing,GSC and FT, surely if you did you would see its not simplicity im after.

    Like i said if things improve i will buy again but for now there are better sims out there, thats jsut my opinion guys, dont shoot me for it :)
  16. MarcG


    Between not owning it and requesting a refund you lasted a total of 5 hours.....thats not reallly long enough to try all the cars on all the tracks and get the graphics & FFB settings just right is it really :rolleyes:

    Sure there are vast areas of the game that are a complete mess so maybe waiting for the Summer (when it should be better!) might be an option but its hardly bank breaking just to buy a yearly sub is it?

    One thing it does right is Physics & FFB, simply one of if not the best FFB out there right now.

    Have you tried dynamic weather races? during sunset hours? Have you even got the AI tuned just right yet?

    Give it another go, sure first impressions mean a lot but not when it comes to a game that takes time to tinker and as you'll be used to GSC you'll know what I mean!
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  17. I get what your saying but 20+ years of simracing i have a certain amount of knowledge no matter how small :)
    Most simracers know off the bat if they are impressed with a sim or not.
    I have no doubt the visuals improve,the physics are pretty good and yes i agree i might need some tweaking of wheel etc to appreciate physics fully but right now im more than happy with other sims, i will put rfactor 2 on the back burner as one for the future.
    Im just not interested in it as it is right now.
    Surely im entitled to this choice :)
  18. I have GSC,FT and rF2 and dont regret buying all 3. rF2 is worth buying. I paid for the lifetime subscription so imho yes worth buying.
  19. MarcG


    Of course you are but after 5 hours worth of driving? Come on thats not really long enough is it!?
    ...and some of that time involved downloading and installing etc...

    The graphics are one of the low points of the game but they are very good at certain times on certain tracks and certainly good enough for now, the AI are also very good and have been improved upon greatly since the Beta began. Certainly better than GSC thats for sure.
  20. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    It can take me 5 hours just to get used to 1 track and 1 car :geek:
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