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Williams from F1 2012 demo for 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by dejanibanez, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Ok, i switched the wi2 from F1 2012 demo with the wi1 from F1 2011, it worked! Other cars can be switched too but they don't have high quallity liveries because it's demo.

    <removed - 2012 game content doesn't belong to the 2011 game and could cause legal trouble>
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  2. Can you please upload ferrari files?? Thanks
  3. Nice idea! What about correct mirrors? Is it possible to make this one after transfering 2012 model into the F1 2011 game?
    PS Maclaren has the same quallity in the demo like williams and can be converting by the same way...
  4. Dude STFU with our Ferrari
  5. Hehehe, now some modders who made 2012 mode for 2011 game will finish their work with a new models of the cars... like vlasovas for example. ;)
  6. Tom

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    I think he accidentally made a double post, so be nice - pretty please. :)
  7. Where can I download the 2012 demo and how much does it cost?? Please post a link
  8. go to the 2012 forum, all is writen, just read.
  9. Not double, but treble.
  10. so...i think i'm gonna release my 2006 mod for F1 2012! you can enjoy better graphics with non-platypuses from 2011 models! :D
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  11. hurray! does anyone know whether it's possible to import car's from 2010 in 2012 as well? I'd love to replace the Ferrari with 2010's F10 :)
  12. 3 times?
  13. Hahahaha, @dejanibanez now can take a Nobble Award.:roflmao: Many thanks for this revelation, now i have a Mercedes AMG with DDRS ingame.
  14. pass the link to download please
  15. Sorry, have no account in mediafire or other to upload, but its easy - take the demo, take the car and interior file, rename, replace ;)
  16. I can move the files please and thanks
  17. I have no demo
    I have no demo
  18. witch files I must rename to have Ferrari 2012 car in F1 2011 game? many thanks
  19. FE2-> FE1 Cars and interios
  20. Thanks, works fine:thumbsup: , with williams, but my problem is that the mirrors are not visible. The frame(border) is to be seen, only the mirror not.
    How can i fix it ?
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