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Why i refused to buy F1 2011 to F1 2013 ...

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Hawaiian Guy, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    Codemaster still have not learn their lessons after 4 goes at it making the same F1 that are no different to any releases.... want people like me to buy the game then let me be part of the game .. i want to feel as if i am racing in the game i want to earn money and buy expensive equipments for my cars as i go along in my racing career.

    i want to be able to customize the way i look, i want to upload my photo into the driver profile so i can look like me in the game.

    If you wont let me do that then good bye to you company man ... you dont deserve my money.

    This sort of games is for people who want to race in a car they can never do in real life and to make it as close as possible for my fantasy to come close is to allow me to customize the game by adding myself into the driver seats .....

    I want to be able to unlock parts that will improve my cars and earn money to purchase good parts to make my car better.

    This is the reason why i only race in cockpit view mode because i want to be totally in the game as me racing against the F1 best drivers :) Let me be in the game and part of the game ...

    The online races are a total disaster still ... after all these years ....

    Still no Audio commentary during replay mode? Oh my lazy or just cant be bothered coding that in?

    Got me once in 2010 but you wont get me ever again ... lucky for you company man there are thousands of talented people that modded this game to keep it alive. Without the modders your game and company would die just like Test Drive Unlimited 2 game and Atari.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2013
  2. Do you want a feature so that if you crash straight into a wall at 150mph, you actually die in real life as well?
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  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    @Crane i can see the news headlines already :D
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  4. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    That feature would be pointless because someone would have made God mode for it :)
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  5. Dude then this game is not for you.F1 series is for real hard core fans.Yes some features feel abit arcade.But I feel the game is improving every year.
    What online races are not good????? Mate you need a good buddy to race similar to you.I and my friend race 100% with NO AI.They are really good.
    Try to get a buddy then do coop with him then say its bad or good.
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  6. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    For now,we are codemasters' hostages ... there is nothing we can do about it ! they want to make a lot of money out of this,that 's why the game is so arcadey that even a guy who thinks formula 3 is faster than formula 1 can play it !
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  7. Your Loss as this version is awesome and is much more fun than all the previous put together !

    Codies couldn't care less, didn't you know that already ?
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  8. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    Every year this game is the same there is no money to win so you could buy ugrades how stupid is that?

    When you win a championship you dont feel special at all ... leaving you so empty and pointless.

    There is still no commentary during race and in replay mode ... wow after 4 years still nothing??

    You still cant customize your looks wow omfg really after 4 years this is still not available?

    I will never buy their games again lol .... sorry codemaster you will not get a dime from me again.

    This is almost 2014 and they still make cartoon faces for drivers :( shameless.

    The 2010 had upgrade parts but they are useless they made no difference to car handling and performances.

    Same animations for the past 4 years? come on really ?

    To get to the race you have to constantly press ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER ENTER to bypass the same old boring animations wtf are you mad bro?

    The con man lil improvements hardly made the game any better so it's not worth a dime of my money - i had to work like a dog to earn a dime in real life so i'm not spending it on con man's game.

    Still cant play as female? OMFG how misogynist !!! It's a game and to throw it's F1 License issue at customers is a farce!!! You need to attract female customers omfg how dumb at marketing are you? Let the girls play as females :)

    Rule Number 1: it's a racing game so throw the customers into the driver seat
    Rule Number 2: keep the customers in the seat by giving them points and parts to unlock
    Rule Number 3: change the animations please and give us the option of not playing anymore cartoon animations.

    Rule Number 4: let the female gender play and let them play as female so you could have male and female customers !!!!

    You may rip off other people but you aint gonna con me !!
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2013
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  9. How do you know what F1 2013 is like anyway? You haven't purchased any since 2010. How do you know what it feels like now? Let me guess, you have had a go of your mates F1 2013? That's the usual one. Go and gripe about something more serious in life.
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  10. Honestly I'm sick of such threads. Nobody forces anybody to buy this game
    Was I clear enough for you?
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  11. All are right mate.F1 is not for you.
    And don't just say its bad.
    Remember one thing games aren't developed by keeping everyone in mind.
    If U ask me COD and BF3 are usless games.U basically hold a gun and shoot nothing else.
    So does that mean its a bad game.?? Hell no,people play like crazy.
    It all depends on your fondness for the sports.
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  12. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    Please dont be angry at me because i dont like the game :(
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  13. I don't think anyone's mad at you but I think you're missing the point. It's a game not a simulator. The realism you get from a simulator takes years and thousands if not millions of dollars to build/create. This game is meant for users of different levels to use and enjoy.

    Every feature costs money and every feature has the potential to make the game run worse than it would without it. It's a balancing act. You can't judge a game based on what you think it should have without full understanding of the costs and effects involved with having such features.

    Is the game perfect? Of course not but if I want to feel as if I'm driving in a Red Bull simulator then this is not the game and I doubt there are many games, PC or console, that can produce such realism with limited budgets.

    My point is that you have to keep an open mind and realize your expectation(s) isn't necessarily realistic in both the cost effective and practical sense.
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  14. No Body is angry at U mate.But your way of judging things is not correct.
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  15. I think I saw exactly the same thread an year ago about F1 2012. I could be wrong. :unsure:
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  16. H34d5h07

    No money, no team racing.

    I agree on a few points you made. When I play games, I want to be immersive. Infact, it's all about immersion. Maybe that is because I have played so many RPG's.

    A small example is if we compare GTR2 to Race07:
    The safety car. The Pit Crew. and the "Request car status" thing you can do. These small things makes you actually feel somewhat like a "real driver" I'm not saying Race07 is bad, but GTR2 is better. I only bought the first F1, but somewhere in the middle I just lost interest in the game. Not much to do really. It's sure a great game for casuals. But if you want a more "realism" feeling, and actually spend some time fiddle with cars, settings, and managing your team, economy, and god knows what, the F1 games is a no-go.
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  17. Hawaiian Guy

    Hawaiian Guy
    Banned on request @Simberia

    You got a good point there :)

    Yes i just wished i could feel as if i'm actually in the driver's seat !!!

    Glad i'm not alone in this disappointments :(
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  18. realitychecked


    Look how beautiful this looks - expressing your hate and anger to a company that does not care about you. Very original!

    No need for this in a forum, in my opinion, you should give letter to Codemasters and not to a public racing forum that is not affiliated with CM Birmingham/Racing.

    Codies' games are supposed to be arcade like and not some nice looking simulators. You know you can still play F1 Challenge with any rubbish mod you can find. :laugh:

    Also recommend Call of Duty if racing doesn't work with you.
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  19. I still don't know how he's rating the game? He does not own it. He says he has not purchased one of the series since 2010, so can only presume he's pirated it maybe?

    Just a guess. Either way it's a waste of bandwidth.
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  20. SCR


    You guys are getting his desires all wrong. Let me clear a few things up for you.

    He doesn't want a "simulator" as in a driving simulator, he wants a simulator for the experience of being an adored F1 driver (the way he thinks it is, with people commenting on how great he is as he walks down the street).

    The game he seems to want is Dirt 3, where you constant praise (you can even put in your own NAME and they say IT omg), you can buy "upgrades" to make your rides RULE DUDE, and and and you can put your own picture in so it really looks like you!!!!

    Ok so, obviously this kid is 12 or 13, has never driven a real car or played a game that was geared towards real simulation (not that this game really is, but it's not horrible). All the talk of earning money and points and upgrading and the rant about no women in the game shows the level of maturity and complete lack of knowledge of Formula 1.

    My advice to him is to stick with the games you like, and stop bitching about a game you don't own or play. Oh wait, you do play it, but only "on your friends pc", what a tool.
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