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Why I like this Game

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by My993C2, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Thought I would start a "Why I like this game" thread.

    Despite all it's flaws (predominately with the AI, but also in some other areas), one of biggest reasons why I like this game is because it is helping me learn many of the tracks.

    iRacing has the most accurate tracks (no arguing there), but Spa is the only up-to-date F1 track iRacing has (iRacing's Silverstone's layout is now out of date and the rest of iRacing tracks are American non-F1 tracks, or old legacy F1 tracks). The tracks in this F1 2010 game are reasonably accurate with plenty of peripheral track side eye candy (if you slow down long enough to see it). While I have been an F1 fan since the 1970s, I am not a hardcore fan. So it's one thing seeing a race on TV (it's easy to zone out not paying attention to the track), but this game has given me an appreciation for what these real world F1 drivers deal with in their races. To that, I give this game two thumbs up.

    From now on when I see a car go wide at Spa's "La Source" corner or why a car smacks into the wall at Montreal's "Wall of Champions" (aka the Quebec corner), I will have a better understand of why it happened. Of course understanding why it happened minus the G-Forces. What these real world F1 drivers do is amazing. I track my car at my local race track so I have some understanding what motoring a car around a race track is like (I love driving in the wet, you learn so much about what the tires are trying to do), but I don't experience anything like the G-Forces these guys go through. :rolleyes:

    Now if only some of the quirky unrealistic AI could be worked out.
  2. Yeh its a very good game, esspecially if your a console user like myself. Not experianced any iracing stuff on the PC but think this F1 game is the nuts. Think i have slighlty overdosed a little so not playing it quite as much anymore but still... 9/10. No doubt F12011 will be even better.
  3. Laxatron

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I´m with you on this. Despite all the flaws in the game it has a high addiction factor for me and everytime I go out on the track I learn something new. If only the AI would be a tad more balanced I would give it a 10/10.
    My last race was Suzuka and it was horrible, AI is pretty competitive on Suzuka and in the race I lost 3 places starting from P2. I was able to build a Trulli train, but when I got passed the cars immediately dissapeared on the horizon. Every driver that passed me posted immediately the fastest Lap time, oh boy.
    Took me at least 20 restarts to hold my P2 position during the first 3 laps. But nevertheless I enjoy this game a lot.

  4. Well I hate to say what has already been said, but I too agree with it being a great F1 game. I got started into F1 Sim racing way back with the EA version of F1 Challenge. When it first came out of course the engines for the development of the game was not what we have now, but at least you could race on the actually tracks for the year of the game. I have also downloaded F1 mods for both rFactor and GTR2, bur none, but none of these really seem to really excite me.
    I was at first totally disappointed with F1 2010 because of the different issue (and there are still some issue), but once I found this site and the addon mods to help correct these issue I became more and more involved. It took some time as help on this site to get the game where I wanted it.
    Now I am looking forward to F1 2011 and hoping CM listened to all of us and incorporated the fixes in the next game.
  5. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    333 Hours played nuff said:rally:
  6. My thoughts exactly.

    I don't think I have logged that many hours but I am seriously addicted to this game. All sniveling about the Ai aside, this game really is a look into the world of F1. The graphics are fantastic and there is a great sense of speed while I am playing. Graphics are really important in a racing game and CM got this right. Like My993C2 says, the circuits are quite accurate with very little difference to be seen between the game and real life. The career mode is a bit lacking but CM did a good job with the time they had.

    Playing this game on PC is a real treat though. With the mods for better AI, better car liveries, better lighting/weather and better sound I am amazed at how much better the PC version is compared to console. (I suppose this is a general trend for all games on PC)
  7. The thing this game captures for me is atmosphere. No other racing game has sucked me in the way this does. And I really don't know what it does that causes this. Maybe its the full weekends, the interface, the fact that if I pull off 15th on a difficult race in a lower classed car I still feel satisfaction. Whatever it is, this game does a great job, and despite it's shortcomings I haven't put another racing game in Xbox in a long time.
  8. Doesnt codemaster mind ppl f**king around with their game on pc? Curious.
  9. Yes they hate it and have made it difficult as possible, but we can not be kept out of everything :D
    Modder's kill the new concept of DLC so we are at the moment being demonised (by software companies) as hacker's lol.
  10. That is really too bad that developers think that way. Let’s face it, if a game has issues and the developer does not want to admit it or do anything about it, then they have no right to complain when others step up to correct or enhance a game. My thanks go out to all the modders here that have made this game one of my favorites. Had it not been for those people I would have put this away a long time ago.
  11. If the PC version is different to the Xbox version in terms of playability issues then fair enough, but if its the same then these issues really wernt much of a problem. It is a game after all and not a real f1 season we are competing it. It wasnt that long ago that we was using commodore 64's and half the games didnt even work, we just put up with it. Now days ppl strive for the best and having to have more, no one is ever satisfied. We are a spoilt society. I can understand if a mod decides to recifty a problem with something that makes the game unplayable but when it comes to things like a curb that is painted wrong or the cockpit being 1mm to far forward then imo big deal. Its undermining Codemasters. Why dont all these modders get together and build their own game.

    P.S. sorry to be confrontational, im just bored at work and this kills time lol.
  12. The PC version is very different to the Xbox version, it is very unstable on PC probably due to the fact it is ported from console to PC (the other way more difficult but stable, cost cutting :D). A lot of mod's and modder's don't go for fixing a game we leave that to the manufacturer but this game is a special case, no what we generally do is like you said change little thing's that niggle at us then think maybe it niggles someone else so share it with other's. Lot's of modder's start accidentally as it were through just doing something small and go on to create sometime's epic game change's, most of the time just because they can. And having the power to change something because of not being satisfied is a good thing because I won't sell myself short to be satisfied :D.

    I don't see modding undermining anybody in fact it has made this game more popular, but just go's to show the media seed about modder's undermining a company has been planted and will grow as they want it ! It must be noted some games series rely on modder's to steer a game in certain direction's, take Fallout New Vegas for instance it has many features in it that were developed by modder's for Fallout 3 and Bethesda encourage modding of the game with releasing a G.E.C.K which enables you to mod the game.
  13. I must say the RD forum has the most active developers i have ever had experience of in 12 years of software testing!

    I dont know about killing children, drowning kittens and burning beggars - Sounds like too much effort! You're lucky if a dev at my place has a wash in the morning - let alone fix a bug! Im glad you guys are more proactive!

    Apart from some nice eye candy enhancements which i like, i dont buy into making the game do something it shouldnt like sticky kerbs or 50 billion flashbacks. Some posts on here asking for old track layouts or moaning that someones camera mod is not realistic are just plain silly. Despite the 'enhhancements' the fact is, fundamental parts of the game cant be changed, but if they could - it would have been done by now, and that to me is undermining the producers and losing the essence of the game.

    I agree with the OP in that even out of the box F1 2010 was excellent.
    However just like overclocking a PC, tuning a car, jailbreaking a phone etc - people are always - ALWAYS - gonna want to make a product do something it wasnt designed to do, regardless of need.

    Now the real question is - can i make my car look like a WW2 Spitfire covered in naked ladies on a track resembling a figure of 8 scalextric?
  14. Possibly the difference here is that the RD devs are F1 enthusiasts, whereas maybe at Codies they are just plain devs working to a spec. It makes sense that if you love the subject matter, you want it to be spot on and a pleasure to experience. If you are a dev at a software house, you just want to hit your deadline and get your paycheck.
  15. I agree with you to a point. In my opinion (which probably does not mean much) this game needed the AI improvement and a few other fixes, that from what I understand CM show no interest in fixing it. They seemed more preoccupied on get F1 2011 going. As for many of the mods that are out there such as you mentioned the sticky curbs the Pirelli tires request for older F1 tracks and so on, I bought this because it was a true F1 2010 racing game (it is not a Sim). I had the 2010 Liveries and the correct tracks so I could feel like I was in a 2010 campaign. I whole nothing against those that want to have the Pirelli tires, a large number of Flashbacks and any other addon mod. It is up to them to do as they please. I just don't want to hear people saying that these mods are needed to make this game playable.
  16. I'll throw in my two rookie cents in here. :) It's been a long while since I sat down with a racing sim but mainly I was an oval's guy, playing the NASCAR series by Papy back in the day on PC. I've since moved off the PC to consoles as it's easier to keep up with, meaning no major hardware upgrades to be able to play games. lol I tried Race Pro and liked it but was really missing playing an F1 game and was very happy when this came out, I recently picked it up and am playing on the dummy level just to get my feet wet again and am having a blast. Would like to try some online racing out with the XBOX and see how it compares to the old PC racing online. Before I do that though I'll have to spend a lot of time with this game and get better first but in the meantime, it's a blast!
  17. High addiction value despite it's not an F1 sim,just a good racing game.I'm a great fan of F1,i go to races all over Europe and even, in my youth,i was racing in F3 cars.I hope F1 2011 will be a real simulator of our beloved sport.
  18. What for you will make it a real sim??? Im not sure if i want endless amounts of stuff you can alter on your car, im just a racer not an engineer.
  19. It may not be a true sim, but the AI needs work... Personally I feel there are enough tuning adjustments available for the racer, it's the AI quirks that makes you wonder just what times you are running and what the AI is doing...

    Case in point, I ran the long weekend race at Bahrain today... In Q2, at one point I was purple in sectors 1 & 2, yet I was in 12th place on the grid, down by 3.4xxx seconds to the pole... How can I be purple in 1 & 2, then be down 3.4 seconds in sector 3... I'm sorry, I'm not buying it...
  20. Chris Rees
    A sim is as close as in real world can get,as it is in F1,where every litle detail counts.From tyre pressure to horsepower.BUT there should be an option for someone who don't want to get lost in all that stuff,not to do so.That option already exists in the game.