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PC Why dont i feel any FFB with G27?!?!

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dan Walker, May 8, 2015.

  1. Someone please help. I was so excited to download this game when i saw it today. The graphics are amazing but i cannot get any FFB when driving! I've tried numerous in depth settings i found on threads but nothing changes! it feels like im driving a boat! My g27 works well on all other racing games with FFB.
    Also my clutch doesn't reister in the game. Does anyone know how to fix this too?
  2. Same issue for me!!! No curbs no bumps... I have no FFB or extreme clipping...
  3. And me, only little kerb effect.
  4. Same for me on DFGT. FFB gives no information whatsoever, cars feel like floating through the corners or even sliding while there is still grip. Are there any settings I overlooked?
  5. same here(g27)
    would be nice if someone posted his full wheel setup:S
  6. This guide helped me somewhat G27

    mod-edit: link is not for specific G27 issues.
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  7. SandroX

    Reiza Studios

    Try this guys:
    Create new profile in Logitech Profiler with this settings:
    And in game, set:
    Tire Force to 120-130
    Force Feetback to 100
    And in Tunning Setup>Force Feetback, Master Scale to 32-40
  8. Link was for G25 and G27
  9. All of that looks good but I would not increase the FFB Strength past the default of 85. It will cause clipping combined with the higher Tire Force and will kill a lot of the smaller effects.

    Also, some other settings to try (I use these on my G25):

    Dead Zone Removal -> .02
    Scoop Knee -> .50
    Scoop Reduction -> .10

    My usual default tweaks to the car setup FFB:

    Fx Scale - Increase this to around 120
    Fy Scale - Decrease this to around 80
    Fz Scale - Decrease this to around 80
    Mz Scale - Keep this at the default 110

    Fx Smoothing - 0
    Fy Smoothing - 0
    Fz Smoothing - 0
    Mz Smoothing - 0

    Spindle Arm Angle - I usually start with testing at 1700 with GT cars.
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  10. I've posted this around. Hopefully a few of you find it helpful.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    For those of you struggling to find a good FFB setup, I worked for a few hours last night testing different FFB 'setups' for different cars and think I've found a nice balance that brings alive the physics a bit. A lot less understeery and dull.

    I'm using a G25.. note if it's not listed here I've left it set to DEFAULT.

    FFB Slider: 90

    Tire Force: 125
    Deadzone Removal: 0.14

    Master Scale: 26 for Tin Tops, up to 34 for Formula Cars and somewhere in-between for other cars.
    FX: 100
    FY: 120
    FZ: 140
    MZ: 150

    BODY & SoP
    SoP Scale: 50 (I've been using values closer to 100 for big cars like the Stock Car or the Trans-Am)
    SoP Lat: 0
    SoP Differential: 50
    SoP Damper: 0

    Also remember that SPINDLE ARM ANGLE is a huge adjustment that cannot be made at the track... for certain cars that have 'snappy immediate FFB' try raising this - if it is 'loose and sloppy' try lowering it.

    I've decided that probably the most important value here is SoP (Seat of Pants), because without it the FFB just seems broken. I think all sims these days include a certain amount of that feel and pCars retail release has this mostly disabled by default. A few of the cars that I thought had 'decent' FFB out-of-the-box all had SoP settings by default.
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  11. Deadzone Removal of 0.15-0.18 is recommended for G25 and G27
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  12. Tried all of the above settings G27 on the Formula C @ Brno, no difference the wheel is still dead down the straights can`t feel any bumps. the ffb sucks in this game, a pile of settings that do nothing ! if only it could be like AC *sigh*
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  13. Are you sure you adjusted the deadzone for your G27? Like you I had made all of the adjustments but I had forgotten to set the deadzone since the default is way too low. I have mine at 0.18 and it made all of the difference in the world (plus 100 FFB and 1.10 Tire force).
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  15. Im in a similar frame of mind, the ffb is just a pain in the backside to setup,wildly different settings for each car is just laziness on the part of sms in my opinion, like you thankfully i have a lot more sims with great ffb and better physics to drive in the meantime.
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  17. Lazarou


    Try increasing the Soft Clipping (half input) to 0.10. (got to love these nonsense FFB terms)

    Although you may need to lower each cars master scale.

    If that does not work turn the Poop Scooper setting all the way up to 11.

  18. Actually, each car should feel different if the FFB is truly derived directly from physics. The steering geometry is completely different on each car and the tires between the cars are different (i.e. between street tires and slicks) so they should feel different. If they didn't, it wouldn't be FFB driven by the physics engine.
  19. Hi Kyle,i take your point and agree with you but how come AC,GSCE,iracing,raceroom all dont need such ridiculous tweaking per car yet ffb still feels different per car?
    Just seems a very foolish direction sms took with their approach,seems to be so many stopped playing the game with ffb being one of the reasons.
    I spent hours last week setting up ffb on the ruf GT3 according to guides,i have two monitors, one had guides, other running pcars, eventually i got a really nice ffb feeling that felt good to me, yes ffb is subjective but it felt good ,the best ive ever experienced in pcars.
    It all felt like a major undertaking just to get decent ffb for one car,to think ill have to do similar for other cars is just crazy and enough to convince me to stop playing and play others sims ive mentioned.
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  20. Lazarou


    In theory that is the right design decision, in practice the implementation is borderline insanity. I am a fan of RF2, the cars feel different especially with the latest updates but the only tweak needed is the FFB multiplier or caster setting, which is two sliders to play with. Also you can change any wheel, ffb and car setting while at the track, which in PCARS is a another oversight.

    Whoever came up with scoop knee, half elbow must of had too much LSD in their youth.
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