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Who do you blame at McLaren?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Tony Holder, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Mistakes being made affecting the driver's racing.....are McLaren rolling backwards under poor management? Should Ron Dennis return? If he did, would Hamilton stay and sign a new contract?
  2. If Ron stepped back up in the roll he used to have as Team Principal then Lewis would almost deffinatly stay, I think he will stay regrdless
  3. Unless the develop the car further and get Hamilton into a championship winning season, then I guess Hamilton will leave and go.....Redbull, going toe to toe with Vettel. Now that would be interesting.
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Sometimes it's just bad luck and blaming someone doesn't change that - except that it will cause demotivation to the person being blamed. :)
  5. Not only affect's the Driver championship but most importantly is the team Constructor's contention.
  6. Who was making the mistakes last year?
  7. Massa:)
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  8. It´s getting a bit ridiculous, not a single race for Hamilton has been problem-free from the team. Same goes for Button, only one or two races have gone super smooth from the teams point of view.
  9. Monaco was problem free if I remember correct?
  10. 1 second longer stop then a "slow" stop from the competitors.
    Got really really bad start settings from the team, just for Hamilton, Button had a great start i think.
    Pitboard numbers hitting his helmet.

    And just really bad strategy... for both guys.
  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Yeh on the formation lap the team told Hamilton to change his clutch setting, thats what caused his bad launch.
  12. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    If he leaves McLaren he's making a huge mistake.

    He will always be special at McLaren, and its a top team, his car is far from being bad this year and all teams have better and worse seasonsm
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  13. True but he is a human just like us and even if we do have the best job in the world we sometimes go and quit because our colleagues are not treating us well. So I would understand if he quit the team for that reason.

    I didn't know about Hamilton being furious after the race.
  14. I don't think Hamilton has been particularly happy since Ron Dennis left and he split with his father as manager.

    I really don't get why Mclaren took on Sam Michael. I really never understood what he contributed to a team during his days at Williams. Couple that with what seems like an endless stream of schoolboy errors in the pit lane and it is rapidly becoming a disaster zone.

    I do honestly think that Lewis has to move teams, there is clearly something going on within Mclaren that he either doesn't like or doesn't feel part of. Also I do think that team changes help a driver mature, something Lewis definitely needs.
  15. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Where is better in the long run though?
    Red Bull won't be around forever.
    Mercedes aren't a winning team.
    Ferrari are Alonso's team until he retires.
  16. So instead of going to his own team and say "Let's improve some things here and there" he goes to the press and cries. Nice!
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  17. Isn't that the Sporting Director's job:unsure:
  18. 6 races in and agreed , Hamilton has had a torrid time , however .... He still only finds himself 13 points off the top. Im sure McLaren will sort themselves out sooner rather than later with Lewis going on to get his 2nd WC this year and all their Pit Stop Drama's would be forgotten about! Well lets hope so anyway. :)
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  19. The blame is on FIA (Bernie) they have made the big guys not so big.....so the teams need to perform as a true teams should. The driver is part of the deal it takes a desire to win and not just a pen on a contract. O shucks he has a better start than me guess I just need to cry some then ....O a pit board letter hit me better cry some O my tires suck cry some more...then complain that the crew did not tell him Vettel was faster.......
    Lewis suck it up and drive....**** happens it is called racing not winning. You need to drive like a true racer and focus on the car ahead and find a way to make it happen...after the checked flag falls then complain....Alonso not crying his car sucks...He cries too but he drives what he has with fire.
    I like Lewis and urge the team on during the race. I think getting dad out of the picture has helped his relationship with his father but ever since his performance has not had that fire. Ron needs to kick some butt and there needs to be some team building and getting guys to work together....so many mistakes are fixable if the team is reacting to the task....the tire gun deal was a f...k up in many areas the lolipop guy should get glasses and the gun guy needs better equipment and team should be focused on do it right and then work on fast.......so much pressure on a 3 second stop....not much time to make sure it is done right.....
    I blame the tires..........the teams have to run a laptime to make them last...and it shows on the timing and scoring all top 5 running a lap time of say 1.22.345 +- .2 all of a sudden someone busts out a 1:21.054 next lap poof they all respond with faster laptimes...then they settle down again....
    Bernie you have made the show good and your puppets play the part given to them...
    Rant off!