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Where to start.....open discussion

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bjorn de Haas, May 19, 2010.

  1. Guys i was thinking most of us have netkar pro but still we have small grids every week.
    How can that be how... can that be.... im thinking?
    Such a great little sim with great physics and cars.
    Also people who read this and havent got netkar pro, you can download it and play the demo and trust me you will enjoy it.

    Why im basicly saying this is that im bored and ofcoure frustated to race with only 3 cars on a track while it can be plus 10 or even more.
    Alessandro is doing a great job guys but we as a community have to help him and support him where we can.

    Alessando is it possible that we can do 2 races each week for example to get it more under the people and give us more options to race. I think it will work if we offer more racing, maybe not in the first 2 weeks but later for sure.

    Guys how do you think about this???
  2. I wanna thank you so much for this reply and I agree with you completely

    to understand what the best race format to suit most of nK users I have opened, since the beginning, this topic but with few replys
    probably our fellow would like a league but how can I define it with so low interest on club event ?
    nK needs training to be save on track and don't ruin other mates race

    about race slot: since now we have tuesday night only but I can ask to admin to have one more, but which day if no feedback is given ?

    I hope your useful feedback will has intresting replys

    thanks again for your constant presence here at nK club, you with Freddie, Philip, Nicholas and Thomas are my core group

  3. No problem Alessandro we are here to help each other:)
    What would be a good day to a 2nd race.. Guys tell us and lets work out something
  4. I agree totally, more people would be good. After last night when I couldn't get back in to the server i went on open public servers with 10+ guys racing the 1600 and 2000. Maybe a practice server non passworded, running the track and car a day or so before a league race would be a way of sparking interest.
  5. I would like to do some races, but unfortunately races are held on tuesday and tuesday is for me GTL-day. Neverless next Tuesday 28th ist NK day and I will join Prato Gp race.

    I like this sim the physics and graphics are really good. So we gonna meet on track.

    2 Days in week with NK is great idea Bjorn maybe Monday or Wednesday? Usually on Wednesday there isn't much going on on RD servers. For me only these two days are good, I only can drive on Monday till Thursday and every 2 weeks on Thursday is RDHGP league where I am taking part.
  6. Thanks for your feedback guys. And i hear everybody talking about how good the game is.
    So lets make a poll and check what the best possible racedays are.

    Alessandro can you set up a poll???
  7. Personally I don't think the problem is that there's only one race day on racedepartment. As you can see.. the turn up to the events is very small and there is very little activity in the nkPro subforum.

    It's quite normal that people are only turning up when it fits their schedule and therefore you need more than just 12 people in total who want to race it.

    I find it great what effort you're putting into this (especially with the club events and demo-only content evenings, thanks for all that!) but I think we either need to be more patient or find a way to pull racers from other titles.

    ..I have only joined one event thus far as well but that's due to my other hobby and my race evenings are basically reduced to races where a friend of mine joins as well. Because he has not yet driven nkPro I'm left with joining GTL and Race07 events. But I'm working on it and I hope we might join you soon :cool:
  8. as usual I prefer to collect all opinion

    anyway I'll ask for one more day with only practice session, just to have fun together and learn track for next club race :)
    I'll let you know, meanwhile I wait for feedbacks ....

  9. It's the same problem everywhere that runs nKPro... There are a lot of nKPro racers, but they all seem to be split into their own little community's. Apart from a few people that race in all the leagues, the majority of people stick to the places they know.

    R2P guys stay there, RD guys stay here, Radiator Springs guys race there...etc. Apart from GPC, which has no problem filling several grids for each round of their races, I've never found a place to race nKPro that can fill a grid on a consistent basis (Radiator Springs seem to do a pretty good job mind you). It really is a real shame, but unless people advertise their leagues outside of their own communities than I don't see this ever changing.

    Personally, after playing nKPro since the day it was released, I've finally given up on seeing another league that will develop to the point where full grids are guaranteed. I've tried to support everywhere that's tried, but it's obvious there will never be enough interest. I've given up caring. It's GPC only for me now... and I've gone back to iRacing. It may not have the feel and physics of netKar (nothing does :) ), but at least you will always get a race in a decent sized grid at any time of day ;)
  10. Believe me when I say I have adverted our club in at least 4 different sites but without so much result

    In my opinion the main problems are

    • people always looking for a full grid without join a group and wait for its growing, in this way most users are jumping here and there thinking only to theirself
    • many demo users are not interested in full version and in a league, infact on nKrank at prato there are redords for about 900 F1600 user and 300 on F2000, I think they are only casual gamers, what a pity
    • low number of tracks and few developers group

    what I suggest ?
    if you, meaning a nk driver, join a group try to keep there for a while, be patience, give to that group your suggestions, your feedbacks, and things will grow in the best way, if than you like RD group I’ll be proud of it :)

    anyway I thank again my little core group, my lymph, I ensure you'll do not regret of being here :D

  11. CAR


    People need to make more of an effort to discuss things outside of their own communities. There’s always going to be a certain amount of duplication, but it’s annoying when posts are ignored on the official forums, but discussed on various team websites. It makes nKPro look dead, it probably leaves the original poster wondering why they bother, and it makes it look like people only show up on DrivingItalia to complain.

    There are a few reasons:
    • Firstly a personal one; RD require too much personal info’ for a licence. It’s a particular issue for those of us with unusual names.
    • Demo users since the first v1.1 beta haven’t been allowed to run add-on tracks. This’ something that originally affected leagues running at the time and obviously limits what content can be used (a choice of two tracks (one that‘s officially for online use)).
    • Still no documentation for the track editor has been released (by the community). If this remains to be the policy then maybe a wiki will have to be started, then everyone can add the bits they know about and some sort of coherent guide might materialise!
  12. but the demo is available only to try the game before buy it ... :rolleyes:
    agree absolutely, you've hit the head of the problem and with a good idea, wiki is a good point to start from

    c'mon mate, put the few (imho) personal data in our database and become a licensed member to join contest and nk club races :cool:
  13. I notice Wednesday was mentioned as a possible day for nKP - I wouldn't have thought that advisable with the server being taken up by rFactor leagues on Wednesdays :)
  14. yes, currently the only guaranteed racing day available to nK is tuesday
  15. CAR


    Still though, add-on tracks where one of the main things that attracted me to nKPro, and I think there’s a moral issue in whether a licence should be needed to use content distributed freely by the community.

    It would also make a lot of sense to have the v1.03 manual, and the skinning guide as a wiki, rather than continually distributing brilliant but out of date material.

    In GPC and at RSR I use my first initial and surname, so I don’t really see why it’s such a problem here (I’ve discussed this with a moderator). On the age thing they’re flexible, but that’s only the start someone needs to clone your identity.
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Imo the demo has too much content :) Of course addon tracks should not be allowed in demo's. A demo is to showcase the potential of a game and a stimuli to buy the full version.

    And about the real names at RD: we have that almost since day 1 and we all enjoy the benefits of it. Its free for people to accept it and join and there are hundreds of other communities where you can hide behind a nickname without anybody complaining about it :)
  17. CAR


    The Abarth version certainly did (as it contained all the official tracks).
  18. Good to see some reactions in this forums and i hope that in the near future we will have some bigger core group that would be great haha
  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Ill join you hoping :) Maybe we should continue driving without the demo as previous polls showed that most of us want to race Abarths, F2000 and fTarget
  20. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    If I can add a few thought's here, I'm new to nKPro, but Ive been around the sim world a few years now. For me the biggest problem I see in nKPro is the fact that if you want to race you have to go online, so alot of new users are put off before they start, the other thing is having to race against Semi-Pro and Pro real life drivers, I know it bugged me enough to put me off for a few years. I'm only now getting comfortable with the thought of online racing.
    Maybe some of the leagues could start catering for the new users with beginners nights or something simular, it could help alot of new racers get past those initial fears of racing online, cause for me nothing could be more off putting for a first timer than to have to race against experienced drivers, you know you dont stand a ghost of a chance, and youre gonna get thrashed, so why bother.

    Okay, there you have it, my nooby opinion, ROFL.

    I'm looking for somewhere to race nKPro actually, I'm in Australia so time frames are a bit of a problem but Im still keen to race.

    Stay Frosty