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What's up with the lack of mods / complete rubbish?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Ichthus, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. I see some people like Patrick release amazing tracks and some others have released excellent skins.

    But apart from that nothing....just the usual old recycled crap with no new features.

    What's the feeling out there? Is AMS going to be dead in the water or are great things planned?
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  2. what you expect? hundrets of mods one week after release? beside this the game is early access and there still a lot things can change... all released mods have to be updated then and also the selection for classes dosnt work as it should...

    simplest solution for you is maybe to learn modding so you can convert aver car or track you want and dont have to wait for others do it ;)

    also good mods need time ;)
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  3. No, I don't expect hundreds of mods at all - what gave you that impression?

    But there have been no announcements even of upcoming mods, and I see an article on the internet how Patrick could save AMS even so quickly after release.

    Just asking a question.

    Peace O/
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  4. AussieDucker


    I understand it's probably not your intention but that bolded phrase shows that you're a tad ungrateful. People do these mods for free in their own time when they could be playing the game. I'm not expecting you to come on here offering a free noshing to every modder but if some of the mods are crap then how about you show us all how it should be done?
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  5. lol i know this article ^^ never trust the internet ;) on that site you mostly find articles that are much over than it really is...

    ams isnt really released and mods will come when theres the right time for it ;)

    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1564328407216487.1073741850.1433624326953563&type=3 just as example

    for now maybe some people just wait for the final release of ams or just dont show when they are working on something...

    @AussieDucker i dont think hes that wrong with his comment... better none mod than just a tool converted mod without any of the new ams features or shaders... then we could stay on sce too ;) and i dont think hes talking from patricks tracks with it...
  6. Stop reading tabloids.
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  7. Em....could you point out where the phrase is in bold?


    I am not being 'ungrateful', just asking a question. If it comes across as anything other than an innocent enquiry then my apologies for not phrasing the question correctly.

    And by no means could I come on here and show anyone how to do anything - even the most crap of mods are more than I could manage. You knew though that you were trying to be a smart mouth though when you said that right? ;)

    By the way - what's a noshing?

    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
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  8. .
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  9. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    Yeah you came off a bit rude, but it happens. The thread title also includes the word "rubbish" so that doesn't help either. It gives it a negative vibe. It is too bad our communication is so limited when we are only writing. I am sure you didn't mean for it to come off that way.

    As far as the lack of content goes, we should also consider AMS comes with about 30 tracks and 19 mods to choose from by default. So its not like there isn't any decent content to choose from with the standalone (early access version) of the game. Plus its so new, we cannot expect people to automatically know how to create mods. I have been modding since rFactor 1 but I haven't a clue how to mod most of this game yet, even if its based off the original gmotor.
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  10. One thing for sure, a person who does nothing but just complains is a worst people for the modding community. I hope you are not. Your post never increase modder's motivation because it's just complains without some positive comment.
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  11. Well considering I have a total of 10 posts, and I have bent over backwards to apologise for my clumsy wording in this thread I think you're now the one with the negativity.

    Have a great day, over and out to the lot of you.
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  12. xnorb


    The isiMotor engine supports modding and Reiza isn't taking action on stopping the modding scene, but that doesn't mean that Reiza binds resources to supporting modders (documentation, conversion tools, tech support...)

    Then of course AMS is still in Early Access and although Reiza is constantly improving/enhancing even after release especially during an Early Access phase all your work could get washed down the drain by a significant change by the developer.
    So you're best off not even starting developing until the title has been released.

    For me the big question would be:
    What's there that's really missing?
    Reiza will bring for free:
    * Boxer Cup
    * Copa Montana
    * Formula Vintage
    * VIR
    * Ibarra
    * Mending airfield track

    EEC will convert their GT3 mod

    Patrick will continue delivering tracks

    I'm pretty sure once point-to-point racing is implemented we'll see a Rally mod.
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  13. Mmmmmm Rally stages:)
  14. ouvert


    @xnorb you forget the Group B rally car that should be comming too :) SCE will be nicelly diverse for sure .. I`m not really missing anything in car departmet (perhaps road cars but for that I have other sim) and tracks .. well there is never enough tracks :)
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  15. Hi Ichthus, I'd start by saying we would all like high quality mods such as CART Extreme modded into AMS as an example.
    But as others here have mentioned AMS is still EA and subject to change, there would be no point in releasing a great quality mod only to find it breaks or even breaks the sim when the next dev build becomes available.

    Once RC 1 is nailed down then the modders can start working on stable free quality modifications.
  16. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Sorry... But that's a pretty harsh statement...

    Sure some mods don't have some of the features that AMS has to offer but do i mind?? NO.. I enjoy the physics of the car and how it drives. Not necessarily how it looks... On RF1 there a lot of mods who look crap but are actually Really FUN to drive...

    And my upcoming scratch build project (kuch Ligier lmp2/3 kuch) will be beautiful and very cool to drive...

    And sure Patrick brings some really nice tracks but The unknown Brazilian tracks are a blast to drive to...
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
  17. xnorb


    I see that from a different angle.
    I'm not a fan of plowing through mods that are directly ported from rF lacking all the new features and improvements. If it's a mod for AMS then i expect it to be on AMS standards.
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  18. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    Agree but I ment with RF thing with the actual Rfactor game... Not ported mods to AMS
  19. first and last post on RD:

    In the World of Free Software Development, if a given Software does not fullfill your expectations you are encouraged to contribute to the Project to make incremental feature additions... - if you are able to.

    Not everyone in your group knows how to edit Trackfiles made for GSCE to Automobilista. I don't say it is hard, it really isn't if you have some kind of IT Knowledge.
    However! Not everyone is a Computer Pro with the Time and Knowledge to convert Content to new Sims.

    I edited some Nordschleife files, because it is my favorite Track and i know it inside out. I wanted a Track i know inside out to try the Stock Content whilst driving on the limit. I used the Track Version i used, because i like the ADAC 24h Layout the most. I signed up to this site only to ask permission of Bram to convert and release his GSCE upload. I didn't even want to release this myself and take credit for my minor changes because they are kind of public knowledge and anyone who is able to add the needed features is free to do so. My plan was to pass the project on to someone more active in the Modding Scene.

    I released a "complete rubbish" Version of the Nordschleife, because your people were asking for a Nordschleife on this Board in the "AMS Conversion Tips"-Thread. It is indeed complete rubbish, if you want to race with AI and absolutly want every AMS Feature.

    Nobody else released any other Nordschleife by now. I also don't think there will be another Version coming soon, unless someone does the same Quick Conversion to Patricks GSCE Version. Quick Converting his Track Version, does give one AI that can complete laps, FYI.

    Debunking Reviews:
    a) "If we have a PatrickĀ“s GSCE version that can be used in AMS, which is much more cool and has features of GCSE, like skies and other stuff."
    You can't just insert this GSCE Version in AMS, you also have to edit SCN Files and copy needed MAS Files, i tested it after reading this comment!

    b) "Thanks but no thanks , will wait for the Patrickified AMS version ;)"

    c) "however it appears it's easier to just raid the bowels of rFactor Central and re-release on RaceDepartment instead."
    I raided RaceDepartment and re-released on RaceDepartment.

    d) "the only negative I have is that DynHUD is not working."
    Please disable the Trackmap. Without Track Overlay DynHUD works. Perhaps Trackmap not complete, or Track to long, sadly i don't know.

    @xnorb :
    - This is free - put up or shut up.
    - Different Needs - this community is splitted between those who only accept high quality mods and those who want their accustomed content back as quickly as possible.
    - Tracks matter - 22k downloads Spa, 8k downloads Bathurst even though it came out after Barcelona and Monza.

    I would rather have gsce converted tracks while there are no up to date versions than no mod tracks at all.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
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  20. xnorb


    @schwensch although you said this would be your last post, so you might not see it, but...

    ... what do you want to say with that?
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