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What F1 2011 leagues are going to be about?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by utaka, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. hi all,
    just wondering if/what pc leagues people are gonna race in when the game is released, the pc league i was racing in exists no more:frown:
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  3. I would like to see a no assists league, ie drop that autogears that is currently allowed. (PC)
  4. RD has a F1 2010 League, give it a few weeks or months before an announcement might be made or something.

    Deane that is taken onboard :).... i would love to see that too.
  5. No matter which way you take it eXhaust Fumes will be there making sure the 'Truth' is told and helping us become the number 1 league for F1 2011.
  6. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think its a bit unfair that there's no leagues that accomodate people that are still need some assists on.
    Those of us that have to use a controller don't have many places to race online.
  7. There is every opportunity for the players to start a league within the RD. If you take a look at the F1 2010 forums we have not only the official season long leagues but also others that run over various times. You should set something up as I know there are people who play with no assists. Even now in the club races there are events for people with full assists, nothing to stop you setting up more like this :)

    Theres nothing wrong with playing the game with them on, the only problem is when you put a mix of assisted and non assisted together. The speed increase to much for those of us learning to play with no assists to keep up with, hence why we only have auto gears for the current leagues.

    Some people have mentioned having different skill level leagues which is also a good idea providing it dosn't become a nightmare to administer for the organisers as all of this is done by volunteers (Thats right Scott and Andrew, you 'Volunteered' to do this!).
  8. No doubt there will be a F1 2011 League, whether it will be on RD or not, there will be plenty out there, with full sim mode and league's with Assists all on and some without any Assists allowed.

    to clarify if i was to run the next league no assists will be allowed.
  9. I am hoping for a league that accommodates the availability of those in the USA (EST). Races at 7pm GMT are 3pm EST when I'm still at work :(
  10. League races next year will most likely be hosted on a Sunday.... 3pm on Sunday for you.
  11. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yup pretty sure we will be continuing the trend of what we have now and transfer that into F1 2011, get the game early guys as this league will be set up a little bit before the game comes out so that everyone knows what to expect from us.

    For grouping people together this time what I plan to put in place is this.

    If we have the leaderboards in time trial as we did this year then I would ideally like to get times from every single track (probably dry) (maybe both) this is unsure yet as there is plenty of time between the game release and when the next season starts but we will see how things pan out.

    Were also debating on the number of people in the league, I for one would like to see as many ppl as possible, Scott wants just 2 groups ie 32 players.

    What do you guys think?
  12. Yeah, unfortunately that won't work for me. I need something in the evenings, even on weekends. My start time availability would be something like:

    Mon: 8pm - 9pm EST (1am - 2am GMT)
    Tue: 5pm - 9pm EST (12am - 2am GMT)
    Wed: 8pm - 9pm EST (1am - 2am GMT)
    Thu: 5pm - 9pm EST (12am - 2am GMT)
    Fri: 9pm - 10pm EST (2am - 3am GMT)
    Sat: 9pm - 10pm EST (2am - 3am GMT)
    Sun: 7pm - 9pm EST (12am - 2am GMT)

    So obviously something based on GMT won't work, unless its an insomniac league :)

    And I'm on PC.

    Am I gonna be out of luck?
  13. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Unfortunately you will probably be out of luck, the only way we could get around this is if opposite timezones were in the same league but their own groupings.

    Since there has been little inerest from that part of the globe in the last league we can only wait and see.
  14. My fault for moving to this stupid country since I'm from Orkney, Scotland originally :)
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    When are the league threads for the new game going to be opened here. I know the game is still a month away but in the Xbox league we already have people signing up for league racing in the new game and it would be handy to have things ready on here.
  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Just a plug for the Xbox League.
    We are running two leagues:
    World Championship: No Assists.(manual gears)
    World Cup: TCS-Med, Auto Box allowed.
    New drivers will be very welcome and we have 8 familiarisation races scheduled to get used to the new game.
    Signups are open in the league section.
  17. Race Start time.

    Assuming we follow the pattern of the current PC league, & assuming we go to 100% races (instead of 50% races) & assuming these races are still going to take place on a Saturday night same weekend as the real F1...

    Currently, uk summer time, 8pm is a little late for my liking, I tend to get bored easily & hate waiting around. Personally I would like to see the races start 1 hour earlier (7 pm UK time). With the current league (2010 - 50%) once the race has finished, I have enough time to get to the pub & get a few pints in.

    With the 2011 league @ 100% race length, 8pm start time is going to be a problem, firstly the pub is likely to be shut by the time the race has finished, & more importantly my partner isnt going to be happy about walking home on her own.

    Also I think we tend to get mostly European participants, some are on the same time as us, & others are between 1 & 2 hours ahead of us, so summer time that means a start time (their local time) of 9 - 10 pm... for a 100% race, making for a very late finish.

    I know we get peeps from everywhere, but the Americas & Asian & Australasian time zones are so far removed from UK time that it takes a particularly commited person to take part & in that respect I wouldnt have thought 1 hours difference would make much difference to them.

    Winter time isnt a problem, 19.00 GMT = 7pm winter time, 8pm summer time. It might be an idea to have the races in line with daylight saving time changes, so in other words, start at 7pm UK winter time (1900 GMT), & 7pm UK summer time (1800 GMT)
  18. Nice feedback Deane, i'll discuss this with them too, you have a very valid point.

    so guy's it has been confirmed, a F1 2011 League will go ahead, with bigger management, bigger races,no assists, and alot more action!
  19. Looking forward to it!! :) Also "cockpit view" for all i hope.
  20. Can't wait for 2011!

    I currently race in a league with a heap of Australian drivers, would love to join a 2011 league on RD early as some of the Aussies will not be buying straight away and our season finishes late this year.

    100% races are best with no assists, and with 16 on the grid for 2011 makes strategy even more exciting.

    Most of Australia is 10+GMT so 8pm is 6am for us which is a little early on a weekend.

    A championship that takes place about 3 hours before the live races would be perfect and I know of at least 4 guys that would join with me.