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Featured Wehrlein to Sit Out of First Preseason Test

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bethonie Waring, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Wehrlien preseason testing.jpg Pascal Wehrlein has confirmed he won’t be taking part in the first test ahead of the 2017 Formula One season.

    The German suffered a back injury at the Race of Champions earlier this year and has decided to sit out of the test in Barcelona at the end of the month after undergoing medical tests.

    “I feel sorry for the team, but we’ll come back stronger,” Wehrlein said on Twitter.​

    Sauber are yet to confirm Wehrlein’s replacement. It could be that they decide to only run Wehrlein’s teammate, Marcus Ericsson, in the first test, but Ferrari’s Antonio Giovinazzi is understood to be being considered.

    The GP2 runner up took his first spin in an F1 car earlier this month after being confirmed as Ferrari’s third driver.

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    Do you think Giovinazzi should be given a chance to test the 2017 Sauber? Let us know in the comments below!
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Interesting. I'm wondering if we are not getting the full story on his injury. Wouldn't be the first time in this sort of thing.

    Sure if he's not fit enough give someone else the chance, if his back injury is bad enough to stop him being comfortable in the car just don't risk it. Especially with something like your spine. He's young yes, but one big smash and it could be much worse.
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  3. Rodent



    They've worked out a deal with Ferrari to run Giovinazzi.
    "But Ferrari, which has supplied engines to Sauber since 2010, has made Giovinazzi available to drive in the first test.
    The Italian will split testing duties with Marcus Ericsson, with each driving two days apiece at Barcelona."

    Pascal had a pretty bad end to last year and is off to a worse start in this one it seems. If/When he returns he needs to very quickly outpace Ericsson or I wager his days in F1 are numbered.
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  4. I'd rather wait for Sauber's confirmation. A lot of rumors turn out to be nothing ;)
  5. Rodent


    Fair enough, other news outlets are reporting the same thing though so it seems pretty reliable. It could be nothing but so could half if not more of the F1 articles in general. :p Team X could get a win, well yeah, if Jordan could, anyone can.
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  6. I expect it to be true, but worth waiting to see.
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  7. Steady on. I thought he was one of the most promising young drivers I have seen.
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  8. Rodent


    Perhaps, as I said I think it'll come down to his performance compared to Ericsson who most don't hold in the highest regard. If Ericsson outpaces him I doubt he'll be a mainstay. But who knows, perhaps he'll come back swinging ready to prove he really is worthy of that Merc drivers program. If not there's always Rosenqvist and others.
  9. More promising than Mad Max :confused: not sure about that :whistling:
  10. He can forget that Mercedes seat now. It's long gone. 2018 will be all about 4 vs 4 in that Merc no doubt
  11. Haha yeah good point. I agree. I actually meant to write "one of the most promising..."

    Max is definitely THE most promising.
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  12. Rodent


    True but I think it will be real interesting to see Force India this year. Max is a great talent no doubt but I'm not exactly shocked when someone does well in a Red Bull. :)
  13. It's not that he's done well but he has held his own against a very very quick driver in Daniel Ricciardo. His drive at Interlagos was a stop look & listen sign for the f1 community that will not be forgotten for a very very long time.