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Week 13 / Season 4

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jan Roman, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Week 13 is approaching and new update with it.

    What do you guys thinks we're going to get? What would you like to see in the upcoming season?

    I'd say a couple of cars is going to get a NTM. I'm not sure about the weather, I'd say that will be a matter of iRacing 3.0. Track will be more "alive" as they promised I suppose. Any other thoughts? I quite looking forward to it, because I have to choose a car to race and I definitely want to drive the NTM. Stang with OTM is nice, but it's a stupid brick. NTM, weather and better pitlane would be very nice in my opinion. And bugfixes too, although I haven't experienced many bugs so far.
  2. my hopes/expectations:

    -NTM/Ford GT improvements
    -no new NTM cars until it is "done"
    -Oulton Park

    wishfull thinking:

    -one more night track
    -EU server farm

    quite modest ha?
  3. I agree that they should finish the NTM first. I'd be satisifed if they made the NTM for Corvette, because I think that's the car for me and I quite like it from videos and so on. I have to make B class first (I'm going to be C class after the end of the season) and I'll probably start multiclass series, so I have to buy all three cars to race. So if the Corvette didn't recieve the NTM, I'd drive the Ford. HPD would be too quick for me I think and I don't want to drive open seaters. Not much choice for me, really, that's why I crave so much for the NTM on more cars.

    BTW. What's the difference betweem Corvette nad Ford in terms of driving, speed, stability and so on?
  4. The Vette is faster for sure and as of right now can take corners at higher speeds. The Ford you almost have to drive it perfect in every turn to be fast, and I mean perfect in every sense of the word. It's not a car that likes to go sideways at the moment. However both are alot of fun if you can keep from getting run over from the LMP's.

    The Corvette will take some getting use to for sure as it has alot of power. When I first started driving it I thought the track was made of pond ice... lol
  5. Corvette is very fast on straights (almost as HPD), low revs, very stable, FFB is little bit empty IMO, but overall very nice

    Ford GT is well...messed up at this point, but hard to tell is it only NTM or also weight balance, downforce, other?
    It is great on some tracks like Indianapolis Road, Mid Ohio, Watkins, overall flat not bumpy tracks and horrible on Road Atlanta, Limerock and other bumpy tracks

    In NTM defense it is very nice when you try it for the first time, very natural and easy to pick up but then you discover weird suspension feeling via FFB (FGT and skip) and other popular stuff like tire pressure wear etc.