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Views and mirrors

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Williams, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I know the "which view do you use" has come up once or twice before, but I have a slightly different question. I use the nose view currently, be that right or wrong, it suits me for now. What I cannot do is get any mirrors working in this view. Now, I know they would not be particularly natural in appearance, but when racing, knowing what it happening just behind you is fairly important! Is there a trick to this, or are mirrors only available in cockpit type views?

  2. Go into your options and i think its either visual or general setting you will find an option for mirrors. This can be set to either real (you only see them in cockpit view), virtual (gives you an arcade style mirror in every view) or off.
    Its always best to set it to visual even if you move to cockpit view as it gives you a better view than the real mirrors as each type of car has a different mirror position and size (some only have door mirrors!)
    Hope that helps :thumb:

  3. Andy
    Yes, I did find it. A bad case of RTFM!! I now have a rear view mirror to block anyone trying to pass me (only joking!).

  4. For me the nose view is the best one, because you dont have to see 2 wheels one in front of you and other on the monitor. At least for me, but i know most of people prefer the cockpit inside view.
  5. Hello MarkWilliams,

    If you go in the option view / Visual parameter : you can find the option to activate the virtual mirrors.
  6. Thnx, this has helped me out too. Now I can let people pass the easy way, instead off looking back the whole time and miss my braking point again...
  7. Yes, at the beginning, i didn't know this option, and I have also some problem with the braking point when i am looking back
  8. Tnx, I have the exact same issue. Looking back is deathly if you want to keep the ideal line.

    Little bit oftopic. Just decided to buy GTR Evo (as an complete package). Than I can finally start racing online, which I really would love. Maybe want to join one of the leagues, but I'll probably are not good enough for that.
  9. I use the virtual mirror also (tipped by Roy Visser). The downside is when you drive open wheelers (F3000, FBMW), the actual mirrors al black and in my opinion, I think it's very annoying....
  10. I think that you have to get used to that. At first i had the same thing, but now i'm not looking at the real mirrors anymore.
  11. True, and by using the nosecam you totally avoid this problem.. But that is a personal setting which will be different to each driver.
  12. Is it possible to use the virtual mirrors in swingman view?
    Cause i'm use to that camera and its annoying to have to view back all the time an some times it makes me lose control.
    I haven't figured out how it can be possible but maybe someone here myabe knows...(please...please)
  13. I know what you mean, I've been trying to edit te PLR file to get both real and virtual mirrors working, so far no succes. :crying:

    Perhaps anyone has some suggestions?
  14. That would be awesome! Somehow it must be possible....
  15. I' don't think it's possible in any way to have both real and virtual mirrors in this game.
    It's not solved since the first simbin productions so it's clearly game engine limitation.
  16. i use cockpit view which is more realistic than driving on the hood. if your only problem is the wheels on your monitor, you could always turn it off on your visual settings. you lose a lot of features driving on the hood.. like gear display, working wipers, side mirrors, etc.. :beer:
  17. I always used to drive sims in hood/bonnet view. It just felt more realistic. When I'm concentrating on driving I'm not aware of the cockpit and certainly not aware of the inside of the helmet ;-)

    I've got used to cockpit view now that virtually all servers enforce it but I have a plea to server operators - please let me turn off the visible steering wheel. I have a real one in front of me and don't need another cluttering up the view. How does forcing a visible wheel enhance the realism?
  18. Virtual mirrors do not work in Swingman. That is my preference for view, and I just use the look behind button regularly :)
  19. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    personally i get the feeling that the virtual mirror is rendered all the time but then is streched/squashed to fit the real mirrors, this would also explain with the depth perception varies wildly between wing mirrors and rear view in the same car and why both cannot be viewed at the same time.
  20. for online races i dont think its mandatory to have your wheels turned on/off as long as your on cockpit view (am i right?). for open wheelers you could use the helmet view mod to get a much wider view of the surroundings, it really is better than the default helmet. :)