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Valentino Rossi The Game WIP Thread

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Jan Volenec, Jun 17, 2016.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Hi.... some of you know I have done this preparation of my first mod of VR46 The Game but 1st problem is here... I donĀ“t know where game gets these shadows of ORIGINAL photos of bikes and riders.. I tried both ways.. transparent DDS and opposite but nothing changed. I need to somebody help me find a solution or find a file which keeps original dimensions of original photos and how to change them. Maybe I missed something in Photoshop after long waiting for 1st mod but i dont know what :D
  3. I need some tips to slow down the motogp AI:
    1. For FP or Q no problem, DB_IDEALTRACKTIMES does the job
    2. In race the AI brakes so late and makes a crazy lap times. I could slow down in AI_DIFFICULTIES but I slow down even the moto2 and moto3 classes.
    Any tip?
  4. What do you mean for AI brakes late? I did some races and AI wasn't really fast
  5. Hmm can you explain how to make the AI faster in FP, Q and Race?
  6. FOr QP and FP AI does not make a physical time, it's generated from some parameteres.
    SO if you tweak the parameters you can change easily AI lap times in QP and FP. Not in race. Race times are generated according to AI laps during the race.

    To change generated times for QP and AI you can change AI time generation modifier for your desired difficulty (1 is easy, 4 is realistic), you find the modifier in AIDIFFICUKTIES.bml in DATA/Vehicles/AI
    You have to unpack DATA.mix first of course..
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  7. I forgot to tell you that I tweaked the bike braking force because the default one was massive!
    But now I have the problem with the AI braking at the same point they do before
  8. Sorry but anybody have idea what to do with my problem ??? :D
  9. No idea, sorry. At the moment I didn't have a look into graphic files
  10. It seems some kind of mask... appears to have some default main mask that they're possibly using to map the correct location of the pilots in screen...
  11. but thre must be a mask file there
  12. That so called mask is actually an aplha channel, simply modify the alpha channel of your rider texture ;)

    White=texture opacity 100%
    Black= texture opacity 0%
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  13. yeah.. it works.. thanks mate ;)
  14. Ok I edited Qatar and it looks better, I need to work on lighting too
    Someone has to fix front end because you can never crash on Moto3

    Also AI is slow at turn exit, probably tweaking AI acceleration will help, if not, we need to reduce tyre grip for player
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  15. Regarding physics I've done some sketches yet. It's not even a playable mod so I'll not release it until it became at least an alpha build, but if you want to try it for yourself I can send you a download link via PM.
    What's working:
    • Motogp and moto3 first attempt of physics
    • reworked moto3 AI throttle and brake (better)
    • Adjusted lap times for QP and Race for moto3 class in Losail, Termas de Rio Hondo, COTA, Sepang and Valencia
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  16. I'm doing a ultra realistic version of the motorranch of Vale :thumbsup: (in term of physics I mean)
  17. early pics:
    kerbs color are 1:1 (comparison between several photos of 2016 race without filters)

    If you see red reflections on bikes do not worry I was testing few things

    P.S. Navarro and Antonelli get "tired" quickly. They are with the leading group at first but fade off easily. I think that as to do with stamina.
    Also We should get more riders in the first group, they are always binder fenati bastianini (maybe bulega but dunno cause I test with him...)
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2016
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  18. That's a problem there was in motogp 15, never found a solution!

    ps: I love the new tracks you are doing, great job!
  19. I am doing now something what i called Corrected colors mod

    If you dont know what i mean.. I really hate Milestone has no licence to proper black color :DD and others

    Just some reworked textures something like my quite famous Texture Mod in past years
    But for now without 4k textures because i dont have much time to re work each texture and its logos to best quality so this Corrected colors mod would be the first dtep to make this Texture Mod Reunion :D

    Take care mates and good luck in modding...
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  20. Looking forward to your mods!

    BTW: Is it possible to edit the position of the sun? It's mostly wrong (wrong shadows etc.) and it looks like the races are always in the morning :/