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v8's @ Eastern creek, 16th June 2008

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Gareth Hickling, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling


    RaceDepartments next rFactor event takes us to the fantastic new Eastern Creek laser circuit by Piddy, This is the first ever laser scanned circuit for rF so be prepared to feel every bump!

    The V8 supercars and Eastern Creek make this a perfect partnership for the event. Expect some bumper to bumper action!

    Event details
    Game: rFactor
    Date: Monday 16th of June 2008
    Server: RaceDepartment.com
    Car: V8 Supercar (rFactor Central // rFactor Cars // V8 Supercars 1.20)
    Skins: Default only
    Circuit: Eastern creek laser (rFactor Central // rFactor Tracks // Eastern Creek Laser 1.01)
    Password: Here

    Event schedule (GMT time)
    Practice: 18:00, 30 mins
    Qualifying: 18:30, 30 mins
    Race: 19:00, 20 lap race

    Server settings
    Allowed driving aids: Auto clutch/auto gears
    Weather: Dry
    Failures: Normal
    Pitstops: optional
    In-game start time: Midday

    1 Gareth Hickling
    2 Darron Miller
    3 James Johnson
    4 Jamie Wilson
    5 Rob Maytum
    6 Simon Trendell
    7 Mark A Warmington
    8 Dave Nicol
    9 Patrick Van Driel
    10 G. Rosario
    11 Roy Stevens
    12 Roman Liebich
    13 Warren Dawes
    14 Toni Talvitie
    15 Jens Piskorsch
    16 Sol Leung
  2. put me in
  3. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    i'm in :)
  4. Will be my first run in the V8's but count me in too
  5. :thumb:
  6. I'm in, loved the V8's in Race Driver :)
  7. :thumb:In...
  8. sign me in as reserved driver cant say if i will have than i-net
    i am in wait that my old ISP will kill the line and not sure how fast the new one will link me up
  9. Im in !!
  10. im in...and hope no disq. about light blinking :p
  11. :thumb:
  12. Wow, another rF race.. keeps getting better and better..
    So please sign me in!
  13. No idea whether it's the cars or the track or me but I can't even accelerate through turn 2 because it feels like i'm driving on ice. I think I may have some trouble..
  14. Well these cars sure handle a bit strange... gotta practice really hard, because getting a spin-free lap is atm impossible..
  15. I have the same feeling ,they are hard to drive .......
    Try the default setup and tune it a bit in basic settings for yourself.
    If i have a stabil set ill share it . ( but had no time to try yet )
  16. glad to see its not just me...
  17. I've just returned home again, and installed this mod and track, how could an Aussie miss this.
    Only attempted a couple of laps to test it out and haven't actually managed a full lap yet, but found a few places to bog the car in the sand lol. Wow, these are hard to drive, should be interesting.
  18. The trick is not to be to agressive on the power lol.
    I love these cars and track ,
    My pb so far is 1:37
    Its gonna be a tough race for sure, 1 mistake and u are off.:jumping:
  19. Honestly, haven't ever driven a car that was so annoying to drive..
    But I would participate for sure, because more drivers = more fun..
    And maybe I'll actually learn how to conquer these bastards..
  20. im in
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