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Use your "old" Gerforce 8 or above series as Physx card if you bought a new ATI card

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Marcel Hulsbergen, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    If you buy one of these new ATI's, eg 5850 or 5870, and you come form an old 8, 9 or newer series Geforce cards you can use the Old card in the second PCI-E slot for hardware Physx. You have to use Windows 7 for this.

    I did this and I can tell you it works like charm.

    On the first screenshot you see 3D Mark Vantage scores with my HD5850.
    On the second screenshot you see is with my new ATI and my old 8800GTS 640. As you see the cpu perfomance is more than twice as good.

    All you need to do is read this topic on ngohq forums very carefully.

    This is a great way to use your old hardware. Be aware your powersupply can handle this.

    I got it work in about 10 minutes and I can tell you my NVIDIA wil not leave my case now. I also tested stability in GTR EVO, had no issues at all.

    Ok guys, and girls, read it carefully and try it, I wonder what you think about it.

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  2. wierd marcel, i was expecting better fps on them cards what games was you benchmarking? 40+ is very low.
  3. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    This is the Vantage benchmark, which is the heaviest 3dmark benchmark there is. So just see the gpu and cpu scores to see what the card does and compare it with other cards.
  4. wierd cant benchmark my card vantage reckons the gtx 260 10.1 dx is not dx 10 =/
  5. Sorry Marcel but don't do this! This is very stupid idea.
    1. You need Windows 7 or XP for dual drivers
    2. You need lower drivers then 170 (or 180 I am not sure), because nVidia has stopped with supporting this stuff
    3. Even communication between AMD and nVidia card is weird and not 100% reliable...
    4. Power of both cards will get less then before
    5. You need really good motherboard (and expensive) for this
    6. Behavior of both cards is unpredictable (then you need better power source.. you never know what can happen)

    Except AMD Hybrid system...
    I really can't advise this one... if you want to have DX11 and PhysX and these stuffs wait for nVidia Fermi... anyway I don't see further in PhysX
  6. i wont get a Fermi as i just got a 5850 and these guys working on a hacked Nvida driver so you can use the newest soon. i just hope
    that ATi will lock there Havoc too so Nvida will be f..... too and the reason why i buyed a ATI is a) Nvidia dident bother to fix there
    drivers for the Gmoto engien for near 2 years and b) they looked there drivers so if i owne a ATI i cant use Physx. two realy good
    reasons to not buy anymore a Nvidia card. cuz the Nvida card i have now laying around has cost propper money and now i cant use
    it anymore as a dedicated physx card cuz of the driver look. how they even think they can tell unter wich circumstance i can use there
    card i payed for, its not like i got it for free. anyway it works just fine with the older nvida driver and i am sure it will run even better
    once the hacked driver is out
  7. Hacking drivers :/ you are really ... This is illegal at all and I know what I am talking about... My friend was running on HD5870 with 8800GTS 320MB for a half of year.. it was new HD card and what didn't happened? Both cards burned... For 1/2 of year it was OK, he had everything and then boom... and he lost claim for reclamation...
  8. may its iligal but i payed for my gforce and i want to use it as dedicated physx card so a Nvida removes the lock , what surely wont happen or i am forced
    to use hacked drivers, and the warranty hmm they need to proofe me that i had a nvida card in my pc while my HD burned up as i still could have a 2nd ati in the case running in crossfire mode if its ever will happen or the card just gave up on its owne :) wich still left me with the warranty
  9. It isnt just simple ... well as I said PsyhX has no further or sure not close... or do you really use this system at this time? And ATI promised that they will do something like that for all ATI cards... maybe it is always here... I can only sure everyone here that they don't have to do this and I will ... this is stupid and really bad idea... but if they will want, I don't care, I tried to help them
  10. some games use Physx yes and the counterpart Ati is on is called Havoc but still i have a old Nvida card i payed for and want to use it
    so why i am not allowed to do cus Nvida says hey thanks for your money if you want use it any longer go and buy another of our cards,
    again its my card i own it i payed for and realy it works fine a friend of mine is useing it for more as a year now without any problem
    ofc he still use one of the old not locked drivers but as soon as the hacked one is out he will swap to them for newest physx
  11. lol I never said that you cant use it but if you already have HD5850 why do you need this old ? You wont recognize difference in games if you haven't low-stream machine... you are only going into the troubles, better to sold it someone who will be more useful
  12. thats wrong as long as i dont hit the max particle count my card can cope with its a realy advantage in Batman arcane as example
    it takes verrymuch the most of the physix of the cpu wich give me an increase of ca. 20 frames ok it runs already at 35 frams without
    and the human eye cant cope with more then 30 frames but as every frame has a steering imput too it makes aimingway smoother
  13. Again...I with my 8800GTX hadn't any FPS problems with any games on max details 1680x1050... and I havent quad core or core i5/7... so why do you think that you need more than HD5850? Thats why I cant understand.. and I am not wrong in this one, I have a lot of testing done with any different machines ...
  14. Anyway it doesn't matter... I wont change your mind, maybe some issues will do :)... Good luck
  15. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    at 1680 x 1050 some graphics card will run any games smooth. My 8800GT runs every game smooth that I have played (race, rfactor, arca all 100 fps above on most tracks)
    But going for a higher resolution will then notice the big impact on the performance per graphics card.
    If you have a game that can use the physics engine and you are playing at resolutions above 1689 x 1050, then you will notice performance gain with a secondary graphics card being used as physics card
  16. Point is - this is illegal way to get not 100% reliable hybrid...
  17. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    question in pc world is...can you really call it illegal?
    you paid mostly for the hardware, support (drivers) are on the free side, as it can be easily get it on their website
    but you can do whatever you want with the hardware....that is modifying it to your own need and or installing alternative / unofficial / user made drivers.....
    that is the way i see it
  18. I was talking about that hacking drivers ;)
  19. Well I cannot sleep now... I didn't want to make flames or something like that (as I am reading it now, it seems that)... so if I offended anyone please accept my apologize... what is my point is that I have really bad experience with shaking ATI/nVidia cards so I wanted to warn people about that...
  20. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    hehehe understandable and no problem ;), but I think around 90% of the users here might have had issues with either nvidia, ati/amd or both cards.....sometimes getting a new that is working might seems a bit of Russian roulette