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Update 2.0 MotoGP 2015 Riders & Teams Complete Mod 2.0

Replaces MotoGP class 2014 Riders and Teams with 2015 line up - Includes menu updates

  1. hxcftw submitted a new resource:

    Update 1.1 MotoGP 2015 Riders & Teams Complete Mod - Replaces MotoGP class 2014 Riders and Teams with 2015 line up - Includes menu updates

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    Last edited: Dec 17, 2014
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  2. rkh


    So, what happens if you choose Career Mode? While in Moto3 and Moto2 Vinales, Miller etc. will be present there as well? Will it be possible to do a 2015 Mod for Moto2 and Moto3 as well? Looks fantastic though to be sure!
  3. Moto2 and Moto3, will still be exactly the same. Maybe I could work on updated version of them but not for a while, I spent so much time on this mod that I need a break from it for a bit :)
  4. rkh


    Makes perfect sense. I have spent countless hours on the A.I. Mod, and still not happy 100% :) If you could enlighten me how to go about it, I'd be glad to tackle it, as Riders lineup has always been my biggest mystery. Too many times I change something and it triggers a cluster$#^% of reactions.
  5. rkh


    Incredibly thankful for this Mod!!! Career Mode is now even more realistic obviously, because once you make it to MotoGP, just finish out the year with current riders lineup and as you begin your first full season in MotoGP you load this Mod. Your first official full season with a MotoGP outfit will also be the upcoming season in real life!! Just freakin' AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks! agaiN!!
  6. can you change rider performace of redding, vinales, espargaro etc?
  7. rkh


    Nope. Surely he is done with it. As he said he worked a long time on it. We all do. You want real performance, get RKH A.I. Mod or Giovaneveterano A.I. Mod.
  8. i have done but bautista, a.espargaro, m.vinales, is slow
    petrucci is too fast
  9. rkh


    RKH Mod is perfect for real life results, keep in mind accidents happen, riders have favorite tracks and do not perform as well on some tracks. If you want best physics model and almost perfect results get Giovaneveterano's Mod. It is my favorite Mod. Vinales finishes between 1st and 4th in my game unless something happens in the race. I just checked and Aleix Espargaro is currently 8th in the standings in my Career (I am still in Moto3) and Vinales is 2nd in the standings in Moto2, 11 points clear of Kallio and some 70 behind Rabat who leads all riders. Bautista should realistically never finish above 10th spot in a race, because he is 11th in the standings right now. He's had a pretty rough season and just because 8 riders ahead of him did not finish he climbs positions but hardly through his achievements. That is the main thing you have to keep in mind - the A.I. Mods are reflective of real life standings, not individual race finishes. Sure, Barbera had 2 or 3 top 15 and even a 6th spot finish since Avintia has been using Ducati engines, but he is nonetheless only 18th in the standings. So, the A.I. Mod would reflect something closer to that 18th spot, rather than him having finished in Top 10 last few races. However, given that he will keep improving and is still learning the new engine which means he'll only get better, you can count on the A.I. Mod reflecting something closer to 13th or 14th spot as this is clearly where he is headed next season. Same goes for Petrucci, by the way. Don't forget, he is indeed fast and has just signed with Pramac Ducati, "Factory" option. I am about to release another hybrid version of Gio and my A.I. Mod. Hope that helps.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2014
  10. Hello!
    Can you make the Suzuki team (or the skin) for MotoGP 13? Thanks
  11. rkh


    this is the wrong forum and no, it will not happen.
  12. oh, thank you...you are very helpful...and where can i find the good forum? Te kis Vetteles geci
  13. rkh


    spelling error. Danilo Petrucci, there is a "c" missing!
  14. Hello, for me this mod does not work, games(sets) plant during the starting up. Is it possible to have 4 files just to replace in the directory of the game(set,play)? (Sorry for my English)
  15. Thank you for this great mod! It is amazing, you even replaced the box and team of PBM for Suzuki equivalents. Great!

    Just one thing, but really is not important, Maverick Vinales is from Spain :)
  16. rkh


    yeah, seems he is not interested in fixing these things. already mentioned it several times, pm'd him too...nothing. Spelling errors in there as well. Guess, I will just have to fix it myself. Not to mention how off the team powers are. But, I just fixed that and released a Mod that encompasses said changes! Go Race!
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  17. Cool, thx.
    Any idea how this mod succesfully swaps rider helmets? All I can find in the modding archive is texture data but when I try to do a rider swap myself I have a problem with the texture showing up without proper symmetry and some glitches in the middle because the mesh is different.

    How do I swap meshes of helmets? And how does this mod do it without containing said files ?
  18. I wondered if anyone would notice that, it's that the letter limit is one character too small so I snuck out a 'c'. I can change it to 'D.Petrucci' instead, if everyone would prefer that?

    Most of the spelling errors are due to the character limit when changing the hex file. I don't know how to increase the number of available characters without increasing the file size which causes the game to crash on startup.

    Same issue with the nationalities, I can only change them if the country names both have the same number of characters. E.g. spain > italy. Unfortunately with the rider changes in this mod none of the country names match in character length and therefore I can't correct any of them. I at least photoshopped the correct flags into the rider picture backgrounds :p

    I'm slowly working on an update, I hope to be able to at least change rider stats such as age, number of races etc. I've updated a few of the textures and numbers to match those in the valencia test, I'm just not finished yet. Here's a sneak peak: [​IMG]

    If anyone notices anything that needs changing let me know, there's are lot of files to try and keep track of!
  19. Thank you again for your contribution :)
  20. rkh


    Looks amazing as usual!!!