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WIP Undva stage

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Kytt, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. I decided to release my stage for performance testing. Next will be beta, after texturing

    Done in alpha2:
    Treewalls and stuff for scenery
    More spectators here and there
    Collision for trees
    Invisible walls for not falling down, maybe needed somewhere else for prevent cutting
    Small changes

    To do:
    Texturing, waiting next BTB before :)
    Tweaking road surface
    Some deleting and reorganizing for better performance
    New sky

    Have fun :)
  2. Looks great, love what you've done with the textures :good:
  3. Looks great, any other info of the stage? Lenght?
  4. Original lenght is 23km but i will make first 6km for first release
  5. Yes you a right 23 km too long for game, RBR. Textures is verry realistick - good work
  6. I was looking forward to see your progress, and there you are, beautiful textures and great care in reproducing the wood. I suppose many textures come from your photos? And what's the resolution you use for the road texture, for instance? (the shots are rather photorealistic, this is why I ask)
  7. Thanks. Most of the textures (pictures) are taken from the actual stage and i made them size 1024x1024, same are the road textures. Trees and bushes are from 256 up to 1024.
    Real pain to make a tree texture. Find a tree you like -> find a tree with solid backround like sky -> remove backround -> tree colors must be similar or result is not realistic -> a lot of deleting and testing:coffee2:
    Let me know if you need help with textures in you project. Im still noob though:rotfl:
  8. Hopefully you'll release your textures in xpack someday, they sure do look great.
  9. I plan to release my xpack i only need to pull myself together. Need to make some order what make sence
    Drilling holes in the road :)
  10. oh yeah, very nice man, I like your textures, keep up! :dance2:
  11. I've been keeping an eye on this progress thread recently. This stage looks to me to be the most detailed stage for RBR. Possibly even more so than the default RBR stages.
  12. Amazing texture work there. Looks photorealistic.
  13. This indeed looks like a great stage. :) How is the work going on? What kind of road the stage is? I'm thinking it's pretty normal Estonian stage, very fast road with some technical hi-speed corner combinations...
  14. :good:Great job
    Looks like pro work, even if it takes 1 month more than the time you are expecting, it deserves to be this perfect from start to finish line
  15. I will make my best to release it as soon as possible but it will take some more time. It's so time-consuming to get it all right as i want it to be but it's going faster now with all the knowledge i have after many deleting and starting over sessions
  16. another lovely looking stage.... :wink:
  17. Very good work on textures ! Really impressive !
  18. Looks amazing! Awesome textures for road and trees.
  19. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Looks very good. I think you'll like some of the features planned in the next release.
  20. Made a little update video