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Two little issues

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Fairbanks_ABGF, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Fairbanks_ABGF

    Is that gasoline I smell? Premium Member


    First off, thanks to the developers for making this awesome game. Loving it.

    I've come across two things that I cannot seem to work around:

    1.) When finishing a race in championship mode in Formula V12, there is no track change when going to the next event. Is there no "calendar" for championships yet? I remember a tool for rFactor where you could design custom championships by editing the file that contains information about scoring system, season calendar, classes, etc. Will something like that be implemented? Seeing how customization-friendly this game is, and how dynHud made its way into the game, there could be a possibility for that to happen, or could there?

    2.) I like to drive without the automatic starting of engines. As in, you load the track, and you start in the pits, and you have to manually turn on the ignition and then the starter. However, when you get to the race session, the friendly engine-starter guy from the pits won't help you out when you want to start the formation lap, and the only workaround is to have someone bump you from behind and push-start, which entails a load of problems :D

    Maybe I am overlooking something, but I haven't found a solution so far.

    Thanks again for this awesome game. It will keep me occupied for a very long time. Oh, and the sounds are INSANE. Don't know how they did it, but.. wow.
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  2. There is an "Auto Ignition" option in the middle of the Options/Difficulty page.
  3. Fairbanks_ABGF

    Is that gasoline I smell? Premium Member

    Yeah, I know. But I like to leave it off, hence the issue of not being able to leave the starting grid. But I could try to switch the option before going from qualifying to race sessions, I guess. This isn't a game breaker, just a little immersion thingy. I prefer to start up engines manually, but with the auto-ignition option turned off, it's impossible to start races in most open wheelers. In the game, the starting grid is not considered a place where there is the possibility of external engine-starting, but in real F1, for example, cars were/are started on the grid. I hope this explains my issue better :D
  4. Lasse Ougaard

    Lasse Ougaard
    Premium Member

    It's a bug alright. I have thet same problem as you @Fairbanks_ABGF . I've made them aware of the issue, in the beta forum :)