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Turning Tire and Fuel simulation OFF. big difference vs ai

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Don Davis, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. wow. What a difference. Maybe i just got the hang of how the game plays, or something. I had one heck of an intense battle over 10 laps or so for 9th position on Barcelona. slowly chipping away, diving in, not quite getting the position, then starting all over.

    everything else on hardest difficulty, just turning these to options off. I had read that the AI doesnt actually run with the full fuel weights and was just curious to try it. Ended up running a whole race just cuz it was so much FUN, and INTENSE. Btw using 50% race distance for career.
  2. I've done the same after reading about it on the Codies forum, much better races now, more realistic.
  3. Would i have to start a new career to turn this off? i wanted to adjust the rules as i was getting penalties for things that weren't really my fault, and penalised for cutting corners when i didnt cut a corner. I couldn't find any of the options in the game, so figured i would have to restart my career.

    Though pace wise the game seems right, maybe i'm a little fast in qualifying, in the lotus in melbourne i qualified 13th, how would turning those things on effect my race? would it make me faster? slower? In bahrain i noticed the other cars were faster than me on a lot of corners aswell as down the straights (they can carry more speed and accelarate faster) in the actual race.
  4. 13th do the tyre sim thing makes the wold of diffrence i can only get to 20th. as for penalties its part of the bugs
  5. I meant that i currently have tyre/fuel simulation on. and my car is slower than all the others in the race because my car is like an elephant compared to others ^^.
  6. Hi :) Where do i change tire & fuel off? Im playing on Expert but i cant find the settings for this.

    I play on the PS3 btw.
  7. In career, when you enter race weekend menu there si difficulty tab, you can change settings before every race weekend.
  8. Nice :) Thanks alot :)
  9. Be careful with that forum.. lots of bad info. The fuel issue is based on the fact that people complained that AI was doing Qualifying times within a couple laps of the race start. Ummm yeah.. it has parc fermé in effect.. the car they start with IS the exact same as the qualifying car lol.

    At the end of a full length race they are going faster then Qualifying.. seems like fuel is being used to me.
  10. I just worked out how to change these settings, though i restarted my career to find them (Doh). Turning off tyre and fuel simulation just seemed to make the car a lot faster, lighter, more responsive and in every way faster, but for that reason it also makes it too fast, i qualified 13th in bahrain with a 1.59, when on my first try (with tyre/fuel sim on) i only did a 2.02 to qualify 20th, which is more realistic.

    Though in the race i get confused. My car is soo much more sluggish than others, after the first few corners i can keep ahead of the guys behind and pull a decent lead, but the guys in front after around a lap seem to pull away. If i make a mistake and let a car passed the same thing happens with them, they pull away if i dont take them after a lap, despite that i may have been running faster than them for the race until that point.

    With the tyre/fuel sim off i could likely battle for position alot better, but perhaps its a bit too good, im sure i could notice a big difference in bahrain qualifying.
  11. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren

    Apart from the 160 kg of fuel they put in before the race ;)

    There is however a more glaring issue with the AI in practice and quali. The laps the AI do in practice and quali mean nothing. The time they are given is not representative of the laps they drive. Someone tested this by following an ai car in quali, starting and finishing the lap the same distance (a few metres) behind the AI car, in this case Hamilton. This should give them both a similar laptime. Hamiltons lap time was 2 seconds quicker. Here's what T4RG4 had to say on twitter.

    This is truly astonishing. So they are effectively only in practice and quali to give atmosphere and get in your way on track. Their times are determined in some other way.
  12. This is in the race too i believe, i just did my bahrain race with tyre/fuel sim turned off, from 13th position i managed to work up to and finish in 3rd place (after losing many places in the pits, and a few little mistakes but working my way back), This is way too fast for a lotus and its obvious that keeping tyre/fuel simulation on is probably the way to go if you want to be challenged.

    Alguersuari won the race, though he was apparently putting in some laps a whopping 6 seconds slower than kubica (2nd) and myself, and there was no way he could be that far ahead yet be lapping so slow, his last lap he did go almost 2 seconds faster than my best, another confusion is how did he get to first? im not sure if he even pitstopped and he was qualified 9th.

    I think i believe that the race laptimes also do not get recorded, as Alguersuari would not have won the race with those times. Its very misleading because you actually have no idea where you are in relation to the other cars, as all the data on screen is fictional.
  13. sounds messed up for sure. I have only done a couple full races but I have had guys I am slowly gaining on (visually) suddenly start pulling out of view at an unbelievable pace.. and I haven't slowed down. I haven't number crinched like others, but something seems off....
  14. Fuel simulation doesn't work for AI, that's why they always get away better off the line and are on/near quali pace from lap 2 or 3 onwards despite being full of fuel. The other thing many are now questioning is tyre simulation, but it's very difficult to know whether the AI suffer tyre wear as it's difficult to keep track of there times and what tyres there using.

    Regarding quali/practice fake AI times the is true from what I've seen, although the race laptimes/splits are correct it's just that the split times you see in the top left of the screen are in a strange format, being compared with the race leaders current pace for each sector/lap.

    There is for sure a bug where sometimes an AI car doesn't pit, a Sauber won one race starting 17th.
  15. Yea, dumb Trulli my teammate finished 7th in my last race when i was way ahead of him battling for 10th because he never pitted! Made me look bad, cheater!
  16. Too easy....

    I have just tested a 30% race at Bahrain with tire simulation off and I can't confirm that it makes the game more enjoyable.

    I was racing in a Virgin, all driver assists off, Legendary AI, fuel consumption on, only with the tire simulation turned off. I started from 17th postition only to then buzz through the field, eventually getting first some 14 seconds in front of Vettel. My fastest lap was a 1:56, while everyone else was way slower.

    With tire simulation on I wasn't able to get that high, only reaching 12th position during the race. But these awfully random tire punctures always put me at the end of the field again.

    So unless I want to be the first Virgin world champion I guess I have to turn the tire-simulation on again. And it surely isn't fun to race without it imho.
  17. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    There has to be a balance as turning these two options off makes the game way to easy
    You can easy lap the whole field in a 50% race...
  18. how do you change settings?
  19. One thing id point out is that at Bahrain, the AI is just bad bad bad in the new sections (dbl punctured and pit bug to finish 20th when i was there). I've only tried this at catalunya so far. One thing for sure though, is the AI isnt driving with a full fuel load in races, imo. I did run about 20 laps of a race with the options on prior to trying it w/out, and it was night and day difference. I was pretty much a moving chicane for the backmarkers with the simulations on.

    It seems the fake qualy times arent as good as they should be, as everyone seems to qualify well (i guess its red bull poles every race once i get in that car :p ). I guess codemasters just ran short on trying to beef up the AI (qualy times, fuel loads, etc). I'm just trying to find a sweet spot for the off line races to make it realistic, fun, and competitive.

    Everyones pace is a little different as well. I'm sure a lot of u guys destroy me in iracing/gtr hehe. I suppose that explains a lot of the various difficulty configurations some are using. Some are fast enough to have the game set at the absolute max (legendary, all simulations on, etc) and still pass the field, yet some of us mere mortals need a helping hand.

    I have tried the other AI difficulty settings, but the lap time jumps were insane. Qualify 3rd in a lotus, etc.
  20. This was mentioned earlier, but on the Grand Prix weekend menu you can open the difficulty setting there in your career.