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Training / Setup / Support Information

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. We will use this thread to post all of our helpful information to get you started or to assist you in gaining a little more speed.
  2. Our very own Ramon has written an excellent Setup Guide which is very useful for Race 07 and the WTCC cars in particular. I recommend it highly to beginners and advanced drivers.
    Here it is:

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  3. Great - thanks Ramon
  4. dankeschön :)
  5. I've managed 2:11:7XX with the old E46 beemer in practice mode (not TA), with a huge mistake in the finish lane (100% on grass, full throttle :D).

    My setup is attached hereunder, hope it helps =)

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  6. Anyone got a super setup for my poor old slug (Seat Toledo)?

    I don't see many people getting in the spirit and choosing a slightly disadvantaged car. :smurf:
  7. I enjoyed the race, but the lag problem caused a few problems and has continued to be an ongoing frustration for me. Sorry Warren! Wondered why you dropped back, but you got the place eventually. Strategy...:) That was an amazing job by the way at 3:30 am. :eek:

    Anyone have any idea on how to deal with lag problems?

    I've been through my pc top to bottom and think the only thing left to do is to try plugging the pc directly into the cable modem and skipping the router completely. The pings when I connect to the server run 150-170.

    Probably not the forum for this, but thought I would start here...
  8. Can anyone offer some help to Steve with this?

    It's strange that pings are not a good indicator of lagging issues. Your pings are ok but mine, for example, were very poor for this event at about 480 to 490. Yet I apparently didn't have any major lagging.

    I don't know much about these issues but I assume you are using satellite internet (cable) and I have heard that it can be a problem with lag. Can you tell us some more about your internet system, provider, type etc., and where you live? Do you have any options to go to land-line internet?
    I'm just throwing up my first ideas to help get some support started. Hope we can get you sorted.
  9. I'm in the USA and use Comcast as my ISP. Comcast is a cable television/internet/telephone service provider here in the us and is a high-speed land-line service. At least several mega-bits worth... Historically, they've been a cable television company, but have been providing internet services for the past 8-10 years. I think they have it outsourced to at&t. I haven't seen any problems with the service except for this. It's a broadband application, so maybe everyone in the neighborhood is turning on their tv's and downloading files on Saturdays... :)

    The only other option is DSL which is lower speed.
  10. Are you connected to the router with wireless?

    As you said try plugging directly into the modem to ensure the router isn't causing you problems.

    I would also try disabling any firewalls etc to also ensure its not interfering with the traffic.

    Do you have these issues with any other games? Also try spyware, virus scans etc.

    150 ping to the race server is perfectly acceptable with the distance and you shouldn't see much lag at all. The only thing I can think of is your getting ping spikes which causes you to lag.

    Are the game servers hosted with i3d?

    If so go to command prompt and type:

    ping ww.i3d .nl /t

    With another "W" at the start . This forum changes the html names by itself. :brancard: Look at this pic for reference

    Watch that for a few minutes and see if there are any major spikes in the ping.
  11. olivercampos,

    All excellent questions. Last week I was using wireless, but switched to a wired connection last weekend. That seemed to help some. The computer is dedicated to gaming so pretty much nothing is installed unless it is related to gaming and any service that can be shutoff has been disabled. I shutdown ZoneAlarm and antivirus when gaming. Have a P4 3.4 Ghz, 3 GB RAM, 800 Mhz FSB, ATI x1950 pro. The graphics card certainly isn't state of the art, but seems ok. All in all it runs great.

    I suspect that RD's servers are with i3d after doing a whois, etc. Anyone from RD?

    Your pings look great by the way. To die for...:)

    Mine are pretty consistent in the 140s this morning with an occassional blip to 150-160. I think you are going to end up being correct that I am getting some larger spikes sometimes which is causing the problem. Sigh...

  12. Your pings are what I expect from your location.

    I would try removing the router as you once stated. It cant hurt :p Also could you try playing on the server from another pc for testing purposes? Your pc should play Race07 perfectly fine so I don't think its a problem specifically related to the your pc specs.
  13. The pings are the same from my laptop also. I was going to setup another pc anyway, now I just have some extra motivation. :)

  14. FBMW Set-up

    Does anyone have a setup for the FBMW cars for Varano. I've never driven these before, so is the default one reasonable???
  15. any setup is perfect until you drive car no. 10... lol

    i have no idea about setups for open wheelers, never got into those ones seriously.
  16. He He, I did my testing in car No.10 but that driver was hopeless. :circuitzolder:
  17. ye, he sucks, i know i know... lol
  18. Im using the Simbin valencia setup, seems to work quite well - you may want to turn the brake pressure down a little though, and also, max out the front and rear wings :)

    Im off to go practise a bit now, if you like, ill upload my tweaked Simbin setup :)
  19. 1:09:7 - should have been 2/10ths quicker but i messed up the last corner

    Setup i used is below :)

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