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Track not rubbering in?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Carl Williamson, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. I've always been confused as to how this works, both in 2010 and 2011 and I don't think anyone has ever provided a concrete awnser.

    - does this happen in practice and quail sessions ? Because I haven't seen a racing line appear during practice and quail sessions and visually speaking the track looks the same at the start of the race as it did in practice and quail sessions.
    - if it does visually rubber in during practice sessions, does this racing line crossover AND develop over multiple sessions, or does the track VISUALLY go back to green state at the beginning of every session ? to my eyes it doesn't seem to carry over from session to session.
    - does the track visually rubber in if you are sat in your pits in real time whilst AI drive on it or does it only rubber in when you are physically driving on it yourself
    - if the track does visually rubber in whilst sat in the pits in real time, does it also happen if you accelerate time ?
    - if the track does not visually rubber in whilst you are sat in pits then does it rubber in in multiplayer when other player controlled cars ae physically driving on it ?

    Lots of questions I know but it's a massive grey area of the codemasters f1 games and it needs to finally be addressed with definite answers !

    if someone here could do me the favour of also posting this on the official code masters f1 2011 forum it would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure we would be more likely to get more reponses and hopefully an answer from the devs. I would post it there myself but they have stopped people from creating new accounts due to their site getting hacked a few months ago !

    if you do post it there, please post s link to thread here !
  2. dude, the track DOES rubber in. You just have to stay on the racing line, or else.
  3. no offence dude but that didnt really answer any of my questions whatsoever...
  4. Sorry Carl I agree with Diego, I think it's just your driving!!!
  5. erm are you guys just reading the thread title (which a mod has edited for some reason) rather than the post ?

    lol at saying its my driving, that doesn't even begin to answer my questions. if by saying its my driving then you must be saying that the track only rubbers in when the human player drivers on it as the AI are surely driving it on as well which would cause it to rubber in regardless of if im on the line or not !

    anyway thats beside the point as im driving on the racing line, im not some kind of idiot...

    please try and answer the questions in the post, rather than saying "it rubbers in" which still leaves a massive grey area over the things i mentioned.
  6. Lots of questions, but I don't have the answers you're looking for - just a few comments on my experience. I have not seen a real racing line develop. I have seen the marbles start building up in the corners off the racing line. The race engineer has mentioned a few times that the "track is green" or something about "the track is faster now that other cars have been out". Personally, I haven't noticed any difference in times between getting out first or waiting.
  7. I can only address this ^ one:

    I have heard the engineer tell me the track conditions are getting faster while I'm sitting in the pits working on my setup. So I assume that means it's rubbering in.

    In the last game (before the patch broke it), the track was supposed to get "better" as the weekend went on; i.e. rubbered (unless it rained). I can only assume it works that way this time around as well.
  8. Oh ok I get u now. Track does rubber in, your Engineer tells u that. Yes it is not "visible", but hey, thats why they got 3D arrows to show you the correct line of each track if you dont know it.
  9. yeah im aware its meant to increase in grip but my point is about a visual rubbering not being present whereas it was in 2010 (although i think it only happened during race)

    I've not seen the track get darker once

  10. Watch this video. We can notice there ruberrs are only in braking zones, and on outsides of fast corners. On straights with better quality video we can notice that, the racing line is clean and marbles are around. Maybe CM did it right this year? last years rubbering was too dark I think.
  11. That onboard is from quail/practice though so you're not going to see much of a line, plus I haven't even seen rubbering in on the corners yet or marbles (pc version)
  12. Do you have post process on?
  13. Yes everything set to ultra
  14. Can someone please put my original post on codemasters f1 2011 general forum, would be greatly appreciated.

    So annoying how they won't let you create new accounts !
  15. I just watched last lap of Abu Dhabi 2010 and track rubbering on braking zones and corners are stronger, but still clean straights. I don't know how they made rubbering this year, tomorrow I'll give feedback.
  16. agree'd... even after half of a 100% race it was way to dark and by the end it was piratically black.
  17. If i do recall they discussed how the pirelli tires don't really rubber in a line anyhow...
  18. In F1 2010 the "rubbering in" was just the qualy and race sessions having a grip modifier applied. Can't comment on F1 2011 yet.
  19. I know, but you could visually see it appear over a race, I can't see anything in 2011
  20. Ah sorry. I haven't run much yet but I've seen a line rubber at least once. Now you mention it, I didn't notice any in my last quick race though.
    Are you running Short or Long Race Weekends? I think I only did a LRW once, that might have been when I saw it.