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Touring Masters @ Zandvoort79 - Wednesday November 3rd 2010

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Adam Eggbeer, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Server Name: RACEDEPT WTM CLUB

    Mod: Touring Masters v2.5 - Due to licensing issues, the archive is passworded. You can find the password HERE.
    Track: Zandvoort79

    Official Practice: 20:00 GMT, 30 minutes
    Qualification: 10 minutes
    Warmup: 3 minutes
    Race: 20:50 GMT, 45 Minutes


    1. Click here to read the password and golden rules.

    2. We have a fresh, new way of reporting and punishing incidents in the Racing Club, using an infractions system - read more here. You are actively encouraged to use this system - we like to keep driving standards high - so if you feel you were wronged in any way during an event simply send the event organiser a private message detailing the incident. Do not post reports/accusations in the thread itself - negativity and anger gets us nowhere.

    3. Clocks go back on the 31st October 2010 and so events will start 1 hour later on GMT time. Anywhere the clocks go back this weekend, the event will still be at the same time (e.g - 20:00 UK Time). If you are unsure, please use the clock on the right of the forum to calculate what time the event will be for you.

    4. I will be away from Tuesday November 2nd until Saturday November 6th, therefore any PM's sent to me during this period will not be read until I get back. If it is urgent, you can either post in this thread, or PM Lee Palmer. Any Incident reports should still be sent to me.
  2. Entry List:

    1. Lee Palmer
    2. Amir Margalit
    3. Philip Antonia
    4. Wayne Reed
    5. Ozan Ulkugil
    6. Nigel Middleton
    7. Richard Sobolewski
    8. Łukasz Demolin
    9. Fabrizio Ribeiro
    10. Ivo Simons
    11. Daniel Ouff
    12. Carl Middleton
    13. Anil Ozekan
    14. Gregory Degreef
    15. Yann Laprevotte
    16. Gary Lennon
    17. Roy Magnes
    18. Jo Benevelli
    19. Abdul Canbaz
    20. Ali Kayhan
    21. Can Ozcelik
    22. Phillip Legacy
    23. Dariusz Swiderski
  3. Take note guys - you are on v2.5 now!

    Slightly different password. See link above.

    The major change is the tyre physics
    - now the different compounds (should!) have significantly different grip levels and wear rates. I will require feedback on this please - either post in here, or better, post in the Touring Masters thread in the rF Mods forum.

    Also enjoy the big Holden again :).
  4. Sign me up please Adam as maybe, Will try to be there - Want to try select my car for season two of WTM. That is providing Ryan will have me back :p.
  5. Not sure BMW will have you back!! :)
  6. sign me up please. thank you for improving this great mod. looking forward for testing it.
  7. The race length has been changed from 2x 20 minutes to 1, 45 minute race. This is so the tyres can be fully tested. Also please read notes 3 and 4 for this event.
  8. May I give these a go please Adam :).

    It's been a while since I've driven these cars and I've not been in them since Ryan made the WTM versions.

    And I love Zandvoort:good:.
  9. :eek: Shame on you!
  10. Sign me up please Adam
  11. sign up please
  12. :sorry:
  13. Yes please Adam
  14. Sign me up please, looking forward to giving these a rag around here.
  15. You can put me on the list as a 75% maybe - I'll be there if my physical health allows me, and it's acting up lately.
  16. Sign me too please.

  17. I hope you get better soon Łukasz :)
  18. Sign me up please Adam. :)
  19. I'd like to try these too, please. Not driven these since the first mod was released.
  20. Looks like we could be on for a good sized grid :)