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Misc Tire Pack v2.1

Hi-res tires for Project CARS (Sportscars/prototype, F1, DTM)

  1. nsss submitted a new resource:

    Tire Pack - Reworked hires tires for Project CARS

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  2. I can not make it work, you can post a video ?
  3. Do any changes happen in game? Or does it still shows original textures?
  4. Hey mate, can you add these Hankooks, too? =) That would be great... =)
  5. Sorry! Much too difficult to install! Can´t get the new tires working.
  6. Absolutely ;)
    Give me some more information. Do any changes happen in game? What steps did you take? What car you are trying to install them? Maybe a pic of .rcf file. Also makes sure textures are in correct folder <pCARS>\Vehicles\Textures\Tires. Whole folder needs to be copied, not just the textures.
  7. awersome job, please make nitto tire :)
  8. Could you give me some pics? so I know exactly which version to make :)
  9. Hello, sorry but I can not install it ... could you make a video installation?
    Thank you
  10. I'm sorry, but there is not going to be a video (at least not by me). But I'm happy to help other ways.
  11. Hello, In ver1.2 may have some probleme.
    file tire_formula_a_diff_05 isn't blured (F1 SS Tyre)
    please fix that file
  12. Thank you. I'll post update soon ;)
  13. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    Thanks again for this awesome mod. I know you mentioned you would not be providing a video, however, would it be possible to post some sort of screenshot tutorial? Thanks!
  14. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    I replied on the wrong page lol. oops.
    Last edited: May 13, 2016
  15. nsss updated Tire Pack with a new update entry:

    Reworked installation instructions + 1 new Continental, 3 new Dunlops and 1 new Hankook

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  16. As Formula A of this MOD has 7 options of tires, and the default has less (auto/soft/medium/inter/wet) how do I make these options available ingame via the garage/edit tuning?

    I have the MOD installed fine, but I would like to have these options available in the garage too?
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2016
  17. Unfortunately, you can't add new compounds to the game, at least with this method.. But it wasn't intended to add tires, butv to change the textures of the existing tires.. You'll have to choose what tires you want to have in game, assuming (not in front of my system) you have Softs, Mediums, Hards, Intermediate, Heavy Wets you can for example give the soft the purple/pink texture, medium yellow super soft texture, hard white medium texture, intermediates blue, heavy wets green.. It's basically your choice which slick "compounds" you want to have in game.. It won't change physics, but appearance...