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Time Trial Week #15 Hockenheim, Germany (Dry)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Andrew Bortz, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Time Trial Week #15 Hockenheim, Germany (Dry)

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to time trial week.

    Post your times for the weekly track competition here

    This weeks track is Hockenheim, Germany (Dry)

    You must upload evidence in the form of a screenshot (PC)/ photo (Ps3/360) of the leaderboard with your gamertag showing. This is because we cannot verify leaderboard results easily over the 3 platforms.

    The leaderboard also shows whether assists are used or not, wheras in game photos of times do not, so will not count.

    So basically you can put in as many laps as possible and your best can be posted here:

    The closing day for this thread and results for times is Monday 14th February at 9pm (UK Time)

    The race settings are as follows

    Dynamic Racing Line: Off
    TCS: Off
    ABS: Off
    Gears: Manual

    I needed to ellaborate on this as there are a few people who are putting up times with aids on and these times will not count.

    Cheers Peeps and enjoy

    - upload your picture to www.tinypic.com (or make a nice video)
    - post your picture here at the forum
    - don't upload pictures directly to the forum
    - take a screenshot with your best time showing or of the ranks
    - no driving aids are allowed
    - mention if you did your time on a PC, xbox or ps3 ​
  2. 17 minutes and goldenbortz hasn't posted a 1st place leaderboard position yet with a laptime of minus 10 seconds. He must be ill. :D
  3. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Ah I have work in the morning but there will be improvements on the time I set a few months back you can count on that.

    current time is a 1:12.818 going by my screenshot it might of improved then as this pic was taken a while ago.

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  4. 1:11.6xx, screenshot comming tomorrow
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Oh I just did a 1:10.959 boy that was tough but..... oh hang on that was just the first two sectors ;)
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    Deja vu! :D
  7. First attempt. I'm losing time from about turn 9.


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  8. Slight improvement. !:13.638

    Skip that, screenshot replaced with another improvement. : 13.558

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  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Had my first attempt at this weeks TT tonight and am loving it: ) I haven't driven Hockenheim in any sim since the long course days, probably in GP3, F1 2002.... that long ago that I can't really remember. Anyway, I was quickly feeling at ease here and was into the 1:18's very quickly. Did a total of about 25-30 laps and closed out the session with a 1:15.517 which I was more than happy with.... until I checked the leaderboard only to find no time registered!!! So pissed at that.... how many times is it going to happen :s Going back into a fresh TT my time shows up as my fastest lap but it still remains missing from the leaderboard.
    Hopefully I'll improve on that time anyway but it's so damn annoying!!!

    As a side note I finally got back to my career (first season in a Lotus) and had forgotten how much fun the racing was :) it did take me a few laps to get back used to other cars on the track (have't done anything other than TT's for about 2 months) but once I did it was a blast: ) Finished 8th in the Lotus after losing a place after my only spin of the race on the last lap but still 2nd in the championship.... I do love this game :)

    Also noticed that Xbox Live Gold is on a special at the moment so maybe time to take the plunge and get into some online racing :)

    Good luck all. Hope we have a few more bods this week...
  10. James Chant

    James Chant

    1:15.416 as a provisional time, after 2 laps
    1:15.217 after 5, I can get into the low 1:14's i reckon with some patience, as I'm around 0.8 faster than my ghost into S2, but keep losing it at the hairpin
  11. Don't know if you guys are doing it, maybe you already are, but the best way to attack turn 1 is 7th gear, no braking, and full throttle, no lifting the gas. Sometimes I get a run of doing it without invalidating the lap by going too wide or cutting too early, but most of the time I get it right about every 4 or 5 attempts. Hairpin you can brake quite late just at or even after the 100 metre marker. Don't brake too hard either and keep the momentum.

    Also, if you're feeling brave, you can take turn 8 in 7th. The setup I'm using is Lally's (first one in the setup forum). I find it pretty good, although I've been using wings at 1/1.
  12. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Well after last nights frustrating events I took the opportunity this morning of having another half hour on the track before work. Easily into the low 1:16 s and then on my last lap a pleasing 1:15.484 just topping last nights unregistered time :) Dropped straight back out, took a video of the lap, took a pic of the timing screen and then into the leaderboard where once again my time was missing :-( Whats going on here?? Any other xbox users experiencing this?
    Is there any other validation I can use for my laps, I have a screenie of the timing board after exiting the session but this of course doesn't show that no assists were used. Any suggestions to help resolve this problem would be gratefully received.
    Cheers all.
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    @Roman Many thanks for the tips on this track... I have been taking turn 1 in 6th with a slight lift so I'll give your suggestion a go as it would certainly gain me some time and maybe help me get into the 1:14's I think I am breaking just shy of the 100m marker for the hairpin but I know I can improve my time there as I lost several tenths to my previous best laps ghost at that corner when setting my best lap. Definitely the part of the track that gives me most trouble is turn 8-12, especially turn 12 where I am nowhere near taking it in 7th and in fact my best time came by taking it in 5th so I will give that a try as well the next time I am on track there.

    I am hopeful of finding myself somewhere in the mid-low 1:14's by the weekend and maybe even challenging James this week ;)
  14. Gonna try a few laps tonight. Thanks to Roman5 for the tips, I will try and bear them in mind!
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    @Paul just forget what Roman said.. take turn one in 1st gear and keep it there until turn 5 that should sort you out (hehe.. that should keep him off my back for a while.. oh… did I really just type that…. :s Damn!! Must remember to stop typing what I am thinking……)
  16. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    just posted a 1:11.590

    Turn 1 is an easy flat 2/3rds of the time same with that turn 8 you just gotta know what to use as your marker for turning in really really quickly, have to cut the first apex and miss the gravel on the opposite apex by millimeters although this time I dont think I did get close to the gravel.

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  17. Haha you is funny! :) oh keep me off your back is it? - well how does that work when i just did a 13.9 within 5 laps using the fastest default setup? Mwhaha!

    Surely there is something wrong when i am 2.5 secs slower than the bortz?
    Sure you arent doing it in reverse or something andrew?
  18. 1:11.448 [​IMG]
  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Nice job Paul, I knew you would be past me in a flash... don't think i'll get to that speed and even if I did it probably wouldn't shoa up on leaderboard : s Not a problem you pc users seem to suffer with!!!

    Andrew thanks for the advice but don't forget some of us are merely human ; ) I'll try what you suggest though.
  20. Shaved 2 tenths just now.

    Cheers Peter, just try experimenting with bringing the throttle in a bit sooner each lap till you find the limit coming out of corners. i find im being too cautious on acceleration and im also working on trying to smooth my lines and use every bit of the corner exit.