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Time to say goodbye... sort of...

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Jeffrey, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi folks,

    Well, it's with some regret and no little sadness that I'm writing this post as a sort of goodbye to the R3E racing club after several months of great fun and exciting races with you all recently...

    As of Monday 5th of October, I will be "transferring" full time to the rFactor 2 club, working alongside Damien Patel who is already in post and doing a fantastic job of running and promoting this wonderful sim. rF2 is getting even better with some of the great new official content and tremendous mods being released lately. For me personally this is an exciting opportunity to be involved more closely with my sim of choice, and opens up plenty of possibilities that, sadly, are just not available right now in R3E, be it features or numbers of people currently playing here at RaceDepartment.

    I really am sad to be leaving this club. We have a really special group of people together here who come and race on a regular basis, are always keen to help out fellow racers and share news and insights with other like minded club members.... some of the racing I've been involved with in these past months have been truly first class, close, clean, fair and hard battles in a wide variety of different cars and tracks. A personal favorite of mine being the DTM92 races a few months ago at Mid Ohio, door to door for several laps with no respite or space being given... really first class from everyone.. thank you guys for those memories. They were fantastic races...

    The decision to no longer actively push forward with the R3E racing club has been a long and difficult one to make. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that the number of people wanting to take this sim online here at RD is simply not high enough to make it a realistic option to continue to support events, however it has been agreed that we will host 1 race per week for those who still feel the desire to burn some virtual rubber, so check out the forums for some upcoming polls asking what you guys want to run in the upcoming weeks...

    I will be keeping my eye on the forums, and I will continue to try and help answer any questions or contribute to any conversations whenever I can. We just won't be holding anywhere near the same number of events in the coming weeks.

    The latest week of races is now live until Sunday 4th October, however, from that date onwards the club will come to an end.

    Guys, it really has been a wonderful experience. I've met some great folks on here, had some serious laughs and enjoyed some of the best racing of my sim racing "career" in this club.. it really has been a wonderful experience and I thank you all for being a part of it :)

    Please do continue to post in the forum threads and keep an eye out on this sim. I still believe it's an excellent driving experience and will only continue to get better and better, with some seriously good content on its way that will get many many hours of use from us all I'm sure!

    The best way to honour this club is to sign up and race with us...please let's make this last week go out with a bang and keep joining in the weekly race. If we can get good grid numbers then it might be worth looking again at restarting this club back to 7 days a week or similar. It's down to you guys to make that happen :cool:

    On a side note, please come and check out the rF2 club in a week or so. It would be awesome to see some of your faces over there...the more the merrier!!! :laugh:

    Until next time fellas, thank you and goodbye (sort of)

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  2. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    This is sad news, rfactor 2 is undoubtably a great sim but when I look at the sign up lists and see a list of aliens and highly advanced drivers it kinda deters me from adding my name, I've tried in the past and found it utterly demoralising to spend much of the race worrying about slowing down faster drivers. I'd decided r3e looked like a good option to ease myself into some online racing finally, oh well, back to the drawing board.
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  3. Same here.

    But good luck Paul in your RF2 Club. :thumbsup: And good luck in your RDTCC league too.
    ps, yes those DTM 92 races at Mid Ohio were fun. Good too in the M1 procar.:)
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  4. SOLO59

    Premium Member

    Take care Paul, hopefully we'll see R3E up and running again soon!
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  5. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Good luck Paul and hope your racing goes well.
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  6. Phil Davies

    Phil Davies
    Premium Member

    @Paul Jeffrey,Gutted mate :sick:,I hope numbers will increase and the club will be up and running again soon,The club events have really helped me improve my race craft, Anyway I want to thank you for your hard work trying to keep the club alive,and setting up some great events,Nice One,Take Care Mate, :thumbsup:.
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  7. Well ... time to say goodbye ... now leaving RD and moving on to an other sim racing community.
    Cheers volks, it has been a pleasure and honor for me racing with and against you.
    THX @Paul Jeffrey for his great work in organising things for us.
    Do not worry: I will not mention THE other reason for me to delete my account here ... ;)
    See you on tracks and online!
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  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    Sad to see, but saw it coming with the really low turnout lately. Just not enough people using this sim to sustain a club, which I believe is a direct result of the business/pay model and the weird/inconsistent FFB. If/when these things get sorted, lets hope we see an uptick in users and the rebirth of the R3E club.

    Thanks @Paul Jeffrey for trying to make it work.
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  9. @Paul Jeffrey hy chap, also I wish you a good time I'm out aswell :) If you wanna talk together just join the TF7 teamspeak :inlove: take care fella
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  10. Whats with all this leaving business? Why don't you guys try Pcars 2 for some friendly club racing?
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  11. ... I leave because of several things that I do not want to adress in public forums. Talked a lot to @Paul Jeffrey about it and he knows the reasons why I leave.
    The RD users are fine and nice crowd to race with and I enjoyed my time here but now it is time to move on. I do not want to pay for RD's premium services because I am not feeling at home anymore because of several changes that have been made that killed R3E club in my oppinion.
    It is a sad goodbye for me because I like most of you but there are some people bitchfighting and ignoring everything that you are willing to give as a positive and constructive input.
    Maybe I involved myself too much into RD but that is just me.
    Anyways ... I am out and whish you all the best.
    Good luck, have fun and race on ...
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  12. Good luck to you too.:thumbsup:
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  13. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Hey guys,
    Cheers for the kind words chaps!
    Worry not, I have no doubt in my mind that this club will come back again stronger than ever in future, watch this space fella's and it will no doubt be back and better than ever sooner than you think :)

    Like I said before, after this weeks races I will still hold one race a week going forward and I'm sure things will come together and the numbers will increase. As soon as demand comes back this club will pick back up and the number of races will increase as much as the demand requires.

    Stay with us guys, it WILL come back again, I'm sure...

    I've said it before, many times, and I'll say it again... every second has been a pleasure and you lot really are top, top, top guys... its been an honour, truly brilliant :)
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  14. Keith Joyce

    Keith Joyce
    Stercus accidit Premium Member

    So true...
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  15. BoogerMac

    Premium Member

    Good luck to you both with future endeavors!
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  16. Noooooo Paul :( you was one of the reason why im joining Rd. Arrrrrrrr
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  17. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    Thanks Tarik :) Appreciate it mate...

    Worry not though mate, I've got a little feeling R3E Club will be alright once I'm gone.... watch this space ;)
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  18. Piero Favretti

    Piero Favretti
    Premium Member

    Paul, you have done a tremendous job organizing the events for the R3E, I am sorry to see them go. Thank you for your hard work, maybe at some point someone else will pick up where you left off.

    Although I believe rF2 is the best SIM out there, I am saddened and disappointed by these news. R3E (2nd go to SIM, 1st for plain FUN!) is becoming such a great SIM and a lot of fun, especially for the Club series here at the RD.

    Time permitting I will see you guys at the rF2 club, hopefully R3E in the future.
  19. ...and I just took my wheelstand out of the closet for the first time since august thinking it was time to get back to R3E club racing.... sadness.... :(
    Thanks for your effots @Paul Jeffrey I know how much work it has been ;)
    GL with your endavours in rF2, hope to see you back here sometime in the future.
  20. Hey Kjell, perhaps you could take over the R3E club again? ;)
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