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Throttle and Brakes super senstive

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Chris Brand, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. I'm using a PS3 controller connected to my PC to play. It has worked 100% perfect for 2010, 2011 and 2012. In 2013, however, depressing the R2 trigger (throttle) slightly causes almost full throttle in game, making good starts impossible and driving without TC (which I always do) extremely difficult. Hope CM patch this soon.

    Also, is it just me or are cars a LOT more slippery and tail-happy this game?

    EDIT: Windows options shows the Trigger axis working fine.
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  2. Yes, I have the same issue. It's nearly impossible to get a good start and to get out of a corner without wheel spin.
  3. They are, that was the point. In 2012 they were WAYY too stable.
    As for the controller - try tinkering with the throttle and brake linearity. The right value can make then work much more gently.
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  4. And this is too far the other direction. It's impossible to get traction pulling away at start of race because you either sit with no throttle then floor it at lights out, causing wheel spin, or buzzing on the rev limiter then wheel spin away. Traction control on medium doesn't help because it kills the car and it barely crawls away. I don't think I have linearity sliders. Only saturation (sensitivity) and deadzone which are both zero for throttle. I'd hate to see the throttle on 100% sensitivity.
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  5. Even on PC using a Fanatec wheel and Clubsport pedals the Throttle is hyper sensitive. I have sensitivity and saturation to zero but it is same.

    Unfortunately it will be one of those things Codies never patch because their idiot betatesters are too dumb to pickup these sorts of controller issues.
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  6. Car is to unstable accelerating from slow corners it always spins out even on TC set to full.
    Tried many controllers setups,no change.
    2012 game I played on legend,but 2013 I can't keep up on professional because of having to constantly correct the car coming out of slow coroner's.
    To much time is lost on those corrections making the game unplayable.
    Hope it wasn't waste of my money. Hope that some one can find a fix for this.
    For a time been I stick to 2012. Such a shame.
  7. I get the same super sensitive throttle (and possibly brake). PC + DFGT pedals, I only have to push down maybe 10% travel and its at full revs before grid start/lights out. It was the same for me last year with 2012. Not sure if its the same going around the track, or maybe I've got used to it, though should I have to?. Same setup is fine with other CM titles like Grid 2 & Dirt 3. I wish the game had a real time calibration bar in the options menu, the way some other racing games do. Could then maybe see properly what is happening.
  8. Tom

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    So instead of the cars being on rails they're now on ice? Am I getting this right? :)
  9. Probably wouldn't be if the throttle worked as it ought to, but cannot be confirmed unless someone posts who doesn't have this bug(?).
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  10. Only on super slow corners. First gear ones. Impossible to accelerate out without rear sliding out even on TC to full.
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  11. I remember having an issue like that with my DFGT in 2012, but somehow I got it working. This time however my throttle has been working fine all the time.

    No such problem here. Sometimes I drop down to 1st gear in turns 3 and 15 (in Australia) and I never spin the wheels. Just make sure you're gentle with the pedal.
    Accelerating out of the faster corners (eg. 10 and 16) is what usually gets me. I tend to turn the wheels a bit too much and my rears slide a bit.

    For me they're much more "on rails" this year than in 2012. They turn into corners much more easily and sometimes I get a little of oversteer which lets me turn in even more.
  12. Tom

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    I assume this depends on the setup? So overall it might be more realistic than before?

  13. I doubt it. A lots of people are having the same issue's regardless of car setup. All of my friends reported the same thing that car is way too unstable coming out of slow corners. Driving behind the AI and watching them come out impossible to keep up. I don't think it's a bug it just the way the Codies made the game.:(
  14. I think this is not problem, just getting used to change from 2012. There was just 100% throttle out of any corner, here you have to be gentle exiting slow corners.
    I like this and it is great feel when you get it right.:cool:
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  15. How can you be gentle with a gamepad? I mean, button is not pressed, the game reads it as off. Button is pressed, game goes full throttle. There is no in between... Codemasters must have forgotten there are some people who play with gamepads too... Tsk.... Well, I suppose they will have to patch that.. eventually. Until then, back to 2012 (which feels way too easy after fighting a fishtailing car in 2013)
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  16. I feel your pain:mad:
  17. Tom

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    Well, you can use the LT / RT trigger buttons on a 360 pad, for example. Then again, some people might use pads without trigger buttons.

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  18. Didn't help tried using analog stick, buttons as accelerator and brakes, even keyboard just to make sure same result. Wheel spin.:(
  19. One thing that bugs me controller problems aside. Why TC in game seams to have no affect. Unlike in 2012 witch made all the difference switching it on and off. But in 2013 seams to do much of nothing. Difference between TC in 2012 and 2013 is world's apart from each other. They didn't need to mess that up some people play with some whiteout TC. No need to punish those that do. They need to fix that PRONTO.
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  20. Well, I have a cheap ripoff of the Dualshock, so, nothing like that on my controller. Guess I'm doomed until there is a patch to fix this. Oh well, thanks anyway for the tip.

    Yeah, agreed on this one. There isn't much of a difference between full TC and no TC in 2013. In 2012, I would start spinning without TC, in 2013 I spin with it too. Heck, I turn it off and there's no difference (not any that I can gather, anyway). It's just like the TC is off at all times, no matter the setting. Could be a bug, maybe?