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Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Kenneth Baum, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. So i bought this game right after it came out and only played it for a little bit.(until my career got corrupt) Anyway this week i was wondering why i didn't pick it back up, and well today after a few days trying to get back into it i figured out why. So many factors, that some of you might actually be able to help out with some you might not be able too.

    Anyway, Ill start with this... Downloaded 2 mods Updated T Cam mod ( http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/centered-tv-cams.108/) and the Safety car fix (http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/resources/safety-car-fix.79/) Now i don't know which one actually caused the problem but now if i make a mistake and want to use the one flashback i give myself for races my game crashes. One of these mods caused this, not sure which, installed both then went into a race and not when i hit the replay button F1 2012 has encountered an error. Last night before i went to bed this worked, so that's why i can tell you one of these mod's has caused this problem. Now if i crash my car into the wall and destroy it and the game auto throws me into a replay to flashback it works, but if i try to hit the button it errors out.

    That isn't the reason i quit this game many months ago.

    The real problem is just the overall handing of the car. No matter what setting i used i cannot for the life of me get a setup to handle. the car just WILL not turn. the only way i can make it turn is if i get way off the gas way early(early enough to have the AI run me over and give me a penalty) then it will turn, but now i have a stupid penalty that i shouldn't have gotten. I've read all over the internet for a wheel setting (i use a G27) tried many setting, along with many setup adjustments in game to get my car to turn , and well it just wont.

    I play iRacing, and i am competitive on the road and oval side of things, so i'm not an idiot that just cant figure it out. Hell id honestly rather drive the iRacing F1 car over this game, but iRacing doesn't offer racing against the AI or a career mod.

    Another thing is, i BARLEY get on the breaks and my front tires and skidding, i set my breaks to the rear, and i mean it solves some problems but there's still the turns that it does it every time, and every lap i dread these corners because i know i will be loosing places. I just don't get it. How could i be so good at F1 2011(got over 100 hours played) but F1 2012 i cant make one solid lap without either locking up and going off the track, or i cant get the car to turn. Its funny because as i said i get off the gas and break early but i seem to still be locking up and missing the turn completely. Why is this game such crap to me?

    Hopefully someone can help, because i would LOVE to be able to run more than 1 race in my career.

    I run on legend, and 100% races so its getting really frustrating.
  2. Hey mate,

    Try and avoid breaking and steering at the same time. Break a bit earlier, with this game I find.. Check your brake temperatures just before you get to the corner, to see how you need to brake. Green = Just gently apply the break peddle
    blue = Harsh braking at first and the ease of before the wheels begin to lock, as once they lock... your going striaght.... what wheel settings do you have?

  3. Ingame all default


    overall strength 106
    centering spring 0 but checked
    lock is 327
    and allow game to adjust is checked.
    combined axis is unchecked
  4. got rid of the saftey car mod, and well it still closes when trying to get into the replay to use a flashback
  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    try changing the wheel settings in the game so the Steering Linearity is 30-40. That makes it bit easier to turn the car... makes it less twitchy down the straights as well.

    I usually have my brakes set at 49-51 and brake quite early... sometimes at 120m or sooner depending on the corner. In Germany for example, coming up to the hairpin i start braking just after the 150m board.

    Another thing about this game is that the set up system is not the best. low wings and long gears are usually the best thing for fast lap times. Same goes for low ride and high springs.

  6. Thank you ill try that out!

    Also i don't understand the replay situation. It worked one time, then the 2nd time i tried it just to view the replay(i got another bogus penalty) it crashed(as in f1 2012) and it leaves me clueless lol.

    I'm going to try to just pause the game next time and access the replay that way. maybe its my button, but i wouldn't think so bc it is a button on my g27 shifter.