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TEST RACE - Most Autodrom

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Euhm, Next days, make that today pls. We don't want to install mods on race day, only gives a mess, with people missing as they have problem getting it to work. Remember Race07 is a **** game when mods are concerned, you can bet there are conflict with other mods. So pls today or run without.
  2. OK, will talk Xosé about taking the MOD out for tonight´s race. :)
  3. You can use Aston Martin as pacecar. it's not a team that
    uses that car. :bcar:
  4. So I guess there is nothing I need to download for tonights race? ;)
  5. You need to install your dear loved Doran mod to get the Safety Car and the PSRTV car. :) (Btw, I only belive so.)
  6. Can we have 1 extra driver on the grid for the FDR team? its Tyler Scurlock.

    There are 17 signups.
  7. Can we have 1 or 2 extra driver on the grid for the Gubbklubben UD team Erling Böhmer and Gugge Hultman
  8. WBR can only have one driver since most are doing other league races and league preperation. (this test race didn't feet the test scedule well for the league races and preperations)
  9. currently joining, 10 slots still free, hop in everyone!
  10. that was quick:

    joined in quali, rushing back home from work, did a lap that was neither here nor there
    warm up: funniest disco I ever had, my PC switched to warm up only after 4:15 mins
    race: I was reported to be lagging so decided to take it easy, in lap 4 or 5 a Matech and gumpert clashed with the matech spinning
    in front of me and I got collected and in turn collected my teammate, serious damage to aero and suspension, hobbled around for another 2 laps and called it a day.
  11. Well done Tyler and all finishers
    Took quali a bit too careful but 2nd is a good place
    At first i got past Bonne due to my low downforce and pulled away thanks to the action behind
    then Tyler came closer very fast and was right behind me until 45minutes, i pitted early but
    torn tyres made me screw the pit entry and i also drove past my pit spot AND put in too much fuel
    got back quite some time behind, made few more mistakes and had to keep some pace to make sure
    a fast Zonda coming from behind wouldnt rob my 4th place.
    fun race, seems like both strategies used in the race are rather equal, going to be a good season
    with different cars even if they all handle... like all cars do in race07 :)
  12. Wonderfull event !

    Qualified 3rd !, i was really happy with that.

    Race : It was a real deja vu :)

    First corner got push off by some one how braked way too late :)
    so i cut the corner and got a stop and go ..
    Came back on track after that in 16th pos.
    Now began a long race .
    Finished 8th , so im happy with that , but i really wonder what would have happend if i could have stayed up front !
    Well learned a lot tonight, Car felt great . Setup was briljant, thanx Hugo !

    See you in the Season !

    BTW: GRATS TYLER Flying Dutchman Racing Team for the Win !!!
  13. Well, that was fun.
    Qualified in p16 and had a good start overtaking two cars before turn 1. Then in lap 2 I got hit from behind which made me drop back to last position...
    Made a real big mistake with the fuel so I had to do 2 stops. I was planning to do one. Had some nice fights here and there and ended up in p.16.
    Big apology to E.Penco (IIRC) who I held up for a few laps. The computer didn't give me blue flag warnings (did so with other drivers) and with my competitor right behind you I thought I was fighting you for position! Sorry mate!
  14. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Thanks, seems eveything was normal except for Eckhart...
  15. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    My first race with you guys and it was a nice one.
    The Pagani went well today and I could do my race without problems :D

    q: 7th / r: 5th
  16. Good to know everything worked fine. Sorry for not beinf there yesterday.
  17. Bjorn de Haas

    Bjorn de Haas
    Premium Member

    My first ever STC race and i enjoyed it big time, wonderfull cars and the track was realy enjoyable. Still a lot to learn but great expierence
    Also 2 thumps up for Tyler well done buddy
  18. Oh, if you had said so I would take a break from my homeworks and drive the SC with keyboard. :)
  19. Nope, it happens.
    Nice test race, now i know one more track.


  20. Yeah but SC was not installed in the server at the end. :)
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