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Test Race @Great Britain [June 30; 20:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Test Race
    The purpose of this race is to test the track for our Technical Department (and maybe have a bit of fun as well).

    Date: Tuesday June 30
    Circuit: Great Britain, Silverstone
    Download: Under Test Tracks

    Event Info
    Server: FSR Test Race
    Password: testday
    20:00 GMT - Practice 30 Minutes
    20:30 GMT - Race 60% (32 Laps)

    Tires: Supersoft / Medium
    DRS: Governed by simulation

    If people would like to test different compounds that is fine. Ideally we would like a consistent driver to be on each compound.

    This may be a dynamic/wet weather test. Keep an eye here for more details.

    You do NOT have to allocate. First come first serve as long as people fit on the track.
  2. Any news on this Kris?
  3. Regulations
    Tires: Supersoft / Medium

    Are you sure?
  4. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Its just for the test.

    Hopefully it will be wet anyway.
  5. "Ideally we would like a consistent driver to be on each compound"

    Say no more

    - Chris de Jong
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  6. Heatwave this weekend. Dynamic weather will no longer be realistic so no point testing :)
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  7. it still is! obviously if its really hot then we have that! might be raining as well i mean its GB so :D i'd say 50/50 rain chance
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  8. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I think the plugin can be given weather from a historical date so we can pick one that rained??
  9. So any of the 365 days? :D
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  10. is there a password
  11. "turtles"
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  12. Are these Ninja or Not
  13. "testday"
  14. We might do 2x 16 lap races, as it will be wet. Server will be up at 19.30GMT.
  15. Maybe update the password as well, as apparently it isn't the one in the OP.
  16. do we at least get a wet setup :p
  17. Yeah I'll update the password, while I'm fiddling with this weather plugin, I dont want people to join yet.
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  18. Fair enough, have fun fiddling.
  19. Will be FSR Wetwet server name, setting it up now.
  20. 2x 16 lap races, first one will be dry to wet, second one will be wet to dry.