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Superstars V8 Racing

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Ivo Simons, May 14, 2009.

  1. Looks like fun.


  2. Nice bit of hotlink fail there :giggle:
  3. I see them.
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    screens attached

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  5. Looks lovely but we shall see :)
  6. Like the look of the series.. just wether the game itself is any good.
  7. the game should be pretty descent, dont expect it to be a sim though because then you wont be dissapointed. Its made by Milestone who currently make the SBK series. This game is being published by Codemasters in an agreement between them and Blackbean studio's so that could put people off buying it, but Milestone have said Codemasters have had no input into the production of the game.
  8. Rob you shouldn't of said that :p
    The sales of this game have dramatically dropped now :D.
  9. Im definately gonna buy it, big touring cars with V8 engines sounds good to me lol :)

    Im just hoping they've added interior view aswell because that will be awesome.
  10. Gameplay video reminds me of the recent NFS garbage.....IE: Blurring effects....and horribly arcadish physics.

    Look close at :28 in the replay... look at how horrible the spin looks. Then look at :47 same thing.

    Ill have to try it tho I guess.
  11. i still dont get why there's still so little info about this game seeing as its being released in June.
  12. 3 New Superstars V8 Racing Screenshots and demo tonight

    DrivingItalia has released 3 screenshots of Blackbean Games and Codemasters upcoming racing title V8 Superstars Racing.

    Visit the Blackbean website here: http://www.blackbeangames.com/

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  13. Nice a demo.

  14. I take it thats American time?
  15. Superstars V8 Demo update

    Obviously i dont know where the statement about the demo came from but it was on several gaming websites. Now there's still no sign of the demo and i shouldnt think there will be one over the course of this weekend as Xbox dont add demo's or content over the weekends.
  16. I'll definately try the Pc demo when it's available. I'm interested to see how this game plays.
  17. My god. At first I actually thought the first picture was real when I saw the thumbnail! Great graphics!
  18. ok, my mistake ill change it.
  19. Also Game.co.uk has this game down as coming out on Xbox 360 on Friday, if its true then ill be definately buying it