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Steam install problems?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ken Tarvin, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. I have a couple questions. The Steam install is goofy, it seems to install two versions of the game into different dir's. Sometimes I can get it to run and have all my tracks/cars, and sometimes not. Is there a guide somewhere that addresses this? I did some googling and found people talking about this, but no mention on how they fixed it.

    What I've done is take all the files from the second install and merged them with the main race07, and it seems all my cars/tracks are there. Is this ok, or will I run into problems?

    Secondly, I get some stutter on track. I didn't get this with the demo. I also noticed that if I stop the windows service "Steam Proxy.exe" (or something like that) it goes away. I realize there's a lot of things like memory, video cards, etc that matter, but it seems to me that Steam shouldn't be causing this problem. That, and a 6 year old game should run on my relatively modern PC w/o troubles.
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I am not sure about the two directories (mine only has one) but once you have everything where you want it, go into your Steam Library, find RACE07, go to Properties and then the Updates tab and turn off automatic updates for this game so Steam will leave your files alone then.
  3. The strange stuff is due to Steam "converting" only some of "Race07" related titles.

    To me, it "converted" only RaceOn. And not RaceInjection...

    So I have a Race07 folder both in username's namesake directory and into common directory.

    The game now runs under "common" directory, but strangely you must put you mods in both directories to make them run properly.
    And you can't delete none of them...

    We must wait Steam decided to convert ALL Race07 related games and expansions...

    PS: I use to start the game as GTR Evolution... it's the one which works the best, up to now... it also recognizes my GTR2mod icons and images!
  4. Jempy


    Do you mean Steam is beginning again with their previous Steam Oddity ?
    They already tried once with bad consequences for most of us and insist once again with this stupidity !

    Then I was right since that time +- 1 year ago keeping Steam off connection !

    Race 07 has to be in Steamapps/your pseudo....
    Else, problems sooner or later ... or doubling mods in both installs takes a double place on your hard disk just because of their own pleasure ????

    I begin to understand Steam's detractors ! :mad:
  5. The fact is Valve decided the namesake directory have to go.
    So they plan to convert all games going in the namesake directory and pass them all in "common".

    But they're not so "clean" to do that with non-Valve games...
  6. Maybe mods also work by just being only in the old directory (under namesake one)... but how to trust all will go fine?
    I prefer to keep in both directories.
  7. Jempy


    Will they succeed to do so with Race Injection ? ... maybe, as most addons are in it except GTR Evo for those who added it.

    For the others with Race07 + all separate addons working linked together on Race07, I personally have many many doubts.
  8. What Steam did to me was install Race07 in my /username/ folder and then install Race On and GTR Evo in the /Common/ folder. I did what I described above and simply moved the files in /common over and it seems to work just fine. All the cars/tracks/mods are there and I can race mulitplayer just fine.

    Was kind of a pain in the rear initially when I wasn't familiar with what was happening, but all seems ok now.
  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Strangely enough, last night my Race 07 wouldn't load, got a couldn't find executable error. Evo ctd with video device error. Race Injection loaded and worked fine, with all add ons showing. Validated my Race 07 files and got a failure message. So started the redownload but stopped it as it was getting late. This morning everything is working fine. Steam moves in mysterious ways. I really hope Chronus doesn't read this post.:rolleyes:
  10. Jempy


    My advice always remains the same:
    If you don't need Steam online for other games ...Stay Steam Off Connection !!

    Multiplayer doesn't require Steam Online.
    If the only reason of Steam Online is ... chat ... there are surely other ways to make it:
    Skype, TeamSpeak ... and surely other means.

    My game with all expansions ... never fails, never gets disturbed.
    And very little possibility and I'd even say no possibility to see Race07 updated.

    The only 1 day I'll make it online will be: Assetto Corsa .... then directly offline.

    When you're sure of the rightness of your game: make a Steam Backup of your game.
    In case of problem, you may easily and quickly restore it without having to download again.
  11. Unluckily I don't only play Race07... I have 540 games on Steam... so I need Steam online. :p

    Anyway, I could try to move every thing in "common" folder as Ken Tarvin said... but after only RaceOn will start? Or they'll all able to start? (Race Injection, GTR Evolution and so on...)
  12. I tried to move everything in Common folder, but it didn't work!

    I tried to start GTR Evolution, and it didn't start... so I started first Race07, and it simply moved again some files in user's namesake directy, like it was before!
    Then also GTR Evolution worked again... but my GTR2 mod didn't work anymore!

    So I had to reinstall again GTR2 mod in the old folder (race 07 under namesake directory) to make it work again!

    But, dunno why, RaceOn works no more second time you try to start it!
    It uses to say "Race 07 is not installed".

    And still, like before, if I start any other Race07 game, except GTR Evolution, I can't see icons from GTR2 mod!

    So I'm again in my old situation, and I'll keep use to start GTR Evolution to play GTR2 mod.
  13. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    My advice would be to let steam install the games in to the folders for you and don't move them around..:)
    Yes Steam made a goof a while back but since then its all been running ok from what ive read and seen with my own install.

    if need be start a fresh with the sim and let them reinstall them to the correct folders.
  14. Jempy


    Hoping you're right Rupe, because I helped someone not so long ago ( +- 2 weeks ) who had Race07 in the Common + his pseudo folders...with problems.
    2 installs and sometimes he had the addon tracks and mods in game.... sometimes ... not.

    To be sure, he would have been forced to place mods and addon tracks in both ???
    Place eater on HD for ... nothing.
  15. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Hello mate, :)
    i think after the mess up from steam a good few months ago, maybe some guys still had a system that was effected by this. If a complete reinstall of race 07 and all it extra stuff is done. Now it should put it all back in the Steam/steamapps/username/ folder -race07
    if i look inside the common folder there is no race07 folder.
  16. Jempy


    Hello Rupe mate, ;)
    That's what I also think ... but after hearing or seeing a few commentaries or problems here and there, I began to hesitate:
    Some say everything was back in place after Steam mess up as normal and they still had problems. Guessing it was another 'Common' problem', I asked if they had traces of Race07 in this folder and their answer was .... Yes !

    Had they really settled their problems coming from a few months ago or had they thought it was ? .... well, I don't know.

    So, I begin now to believe .... they had mostly kept Race07 apart for a few months without correcting .... and now thought it was a new problem !

    Sometimes, not easy to know ... the truth ! :confused: ... and I still ... don't know. :whistling:

    But still ready to help if problems. :cool:
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  17. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I noticed that Race 07, GTR Evo & Race Injection,(all of which I have set as favourites) had changed from do not update back to the default automatic update after the last Steam update, The parts of the game not in the favourites list remained offline as I had set.
    Yet another Steam mystery!!!:confused:
  18. Jempy


    I don't think mystery in this case: rather a habit of some update makers not to keep your preferences as they are when they update.

    Example: my Internet provider updated the router's firmware and I wasn't aware he did. My wifi D-link DWA-140 was back to 144 Mbits/s in place of 300.
    I finally discovered that after a few disconnections from servers.
    Since change, no problems anymore.

    Automatic updates are not always the best solution.
  19. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    What I found strange was that it was only the three games in my Favourite list that were affected..
  20. I have a couple of suspects... and no patience to test them, sorry. ^_^

    1) I suppose: if you reinstall everything but you prevent yourself to run RaceOn (or better: you run Race07, GTR Evolution or Race Injection only) there'll no conversion.
    (Also I suspect you mustn't run Formula RaceRoom Add-On, neither).

    So you should keep all files in race07 user's namesake directory (not in common) without any trouble.

    And you still should be able to use all cars (<- this needs to be tested, but should be ok).

    2) Another suspect is that you must only keep your mods in namesake's directory's Race07, and not in both directories like I did.