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STC Black Cup Skin Contest - Discusion Thread!

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Discuss here about the skin conbtest! :wink:
  2. Could we get the number plates as well as other stuff that's required by STC to be added to the skin, or should we go without them for this?
  3. Skinning material will be posted during the week, and deadline will be set during the week aswell.
  4. Our painters working overtime to get the best skin as possible for the FDR team in the STC. We saw a chance to peek behind the scenes and took some pictures of the unfinished skin. One thing i can tell you fore sure, this car is gonna rock the show. :)

  5. looking forward to another great looking field, BFR does have a sweet surprise for you, too. Let's just hope PSRTV gives us some replays that are not as badly pixelated :( as last year.
  6. Going a bit off topic now so apologies in advance.

    all of PSRTV's funding goes into the iracing side of broadcasting so its pretty much going to be the same. Just look at FSR's broadcasts from this year.

    simrace.tv is a good alternative to look into, good quality streams and they dont charge for the service.
  7. Heads up, Simrace.tv have now live stream in what they call HD and trust me you haven't seen stream quality like this before.
  8. STC admins hello? Have you looked into this?
    I know none of us wants to see the pathetic effort we got last season from psrtv again.
  9. We look into everything Mikko, even the thread tittles. :D :redface:

    So, it is Xosé who takes care of all the broadcasts aspects and he is valuating all the availabke options, the pros and the contras.
  10. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    The pixelated replays have more to be with YouTube than to PSRtv, replays are the same quality as the broadcast, which I find pretty good.

    I know the simrace.tv guys and we work with them for other series but I would like to stick to PSRtv for STC because the overlays, etc...
  11. another season of broadcasts cutting out and rebuffing it is then :D
  12. Back on topic.

    Someone opened the door slightly to our garage and found these that seemed to be ready to roll out into open air.

  13. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Nice photo. But to veer back off topic ;P, I agree with Simon. Better quality broadcasts would only help the series. And psrtv should just go ahead and change their name to iRacing and get it over with...

  14. Shouldn't posts about PRSTV be in the WAR section? rather than in the skin contest? :)
  15. Yes... that sounds as a good idea Ben. We can discuss better there I think.

    @ Krister: N I C E !
  16. Krister, can you please put the lights on next time you are in the garage :) I would love to see them in full color..

  17. Still looking for the switch but I think I'll find it within a week :redface:
  18. Found it :)


  19. Nothing happens when I push it:confused:. Might have to look for a blown fuse?
  20. I looked into it but the only thing i could find was a broken power plant in Japan :frown: maybe thats the problem...


    Ill fix it next week :wink:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.