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Spotter Problem

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Andrew Pienaar, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. My spotter has seem to have gone mute since the last update
    anyone know a fix or a spotter mod i could try please
  2. I really hope it is compatible in a future update.

    In the meantime, try older version, spotter 1.1, it works! More limited than 2.17 but still worth a try.

    How about it Reiza? Is it likely that 2.17 will be compatible again eventually? I find it adds to the atmosphere, having the race engineer talking to me, really hope it works again soon. :)
  3. I use spotter 2.17 to make it work i rename the GSC exe file to rFactor not wanna talk with the race engineer delete the VR exe
    in SpotterAddon\VR Component
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  4. Thanks Kjell, I can't understand it, I cannot get it working in either the standalone or the steam version. I'm using Windows 7, but when I go into the spotter config program, I cannot hear any preview sound unless I set the software to 'windows xp compatible', but I'm sure I never had to do that in the past. I have no idea what might have changed in my system. Anyway, I hear nothing at all in the game. I am running out of ideas.
  5. Everytime i update this game with sync exe i delete the track map folder TrackMapPlugin.dll and rename GSC exe to rFactor exe
    lay in d3d9.dll so rfdynhud works the spotter 2.17 i use my plr but i not save a spotter profile i let it be on default shen u start spotter config it may ask u to chance the plr profile let spotter do it

    Here is some addons i use in rf1 and GSC TrippTeamAddon V 2.0 Read Me

    TrippTeamAddon V 2.0 folder have

    In the Vehicles folder

    HEADLIGHT1 This one can be to bright
    LONGHEADLIGHT1 This one can be too bright
    MIRROR better
    UNDERSHADOW this one looks good

    In Location folder

    Fire.DDS better fire then orginal
    RACEGROOVE.DDS better darker
    SPARK.DDS better sparks

    In Options Folder added new sounds

    player joined
    player kicked
    you kicked from server
    your connection has been terminated

    In Folder PIT
    pitSounds.mp3 a good pit sound not so extrem as many other pit sounds

    In folder secondary
    Some other sounds that i like instead of the orginal english

    Just drag and drop file by file you wanna use and like also listen to the sounds before you install them ..

    This is what is inside the TrippTeamAddon V 2.0

    In Folder "More extra addons if you wanna test" i added other addons i like to use
    this you can test install manually

    and rfdynhud http://trippteamdownload.servegame.com:100/RFACTOR1/ADDONS/S-Z/TrippTeamAddon V 2.0.7z
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  6. Thanks for the information, now just to add to the mystery the spotter is working fine on my Windows 10 laptop!
    Now I am beginning to think something outside GSC is causing the problem - maybe a conflict with sound cards - I added a second one a while ago when I installed SimCommander. I will have to do some tests today to try and solve it.

    I did try renaming to rFactor but it didn't help. I'll try again though, & also remove trackmapplugin.
  7. And now it's working! I have no idea what I did to fix it. I am usually methodical about these things, but I got completely lost, I tried so many things.
    In the end, after checking integrity of steam files (2 files were re-downloaded, don't know which ones), Spotter 2.17 is now working on steam and standalone versions, without any other changes.

    But thanks Kjell, because somehow I think I got it running when I changed it to rFactor.exe & deleted thetrackmap folder as you suggested. Then when I later reinstated them but kept the new spotter config file, it all continued working. And the same config file got it working in Steam too.

    Bottom line is, it will (somehow) work in standalone version AND steam version :)
  8. Great that you sort it out i now rf 1 much and because GSC use same engine it is possible to use same things that works in rf1 in GSC
  9. tpw


    So do you now hear the spotter in actual races and not just practise/qualifying Keith?

    I tried the rename to rfactor.exe and found that when I started a race the whole game locked up and crashed.
  10. William Wester

    William Wester

    Spotters working fine here in practice/qualifying/race in 1.35 and 1.37 beta - Windows 10. Though my installs are very stock - car and track mods, spotter, and SimVibe - nothing else tweaked.
  11. tpw


    I've tried both the GSC spotter http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/spotteraddon.93840/ and the original rFactor 2.17 spotter on a completely standard GSC 1.35 on Win 7, have never heard the spotter say anything during any race. As soon as I leave the race he says something though.
  12. Gringo



    Have you seen this post?

    Edit: Ooops... yes you have. :whistling:

    If you use windows x64 then you probably need the x64 version of the vcredist version noted above.
    Edit: I am not sure about that... GSC and the plugin are x86 so that should mean no x64 dependency.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2015
  13. I'll have to report back on that, hope to do the race later today - it was my reason for reinstalling the spotter this time round. I am sure I have heard him during races in the past & I'm trying to reduce my use of the hud, so I am hoping I might get the spotter to report on my tyre wear and damage in the race if possible.
  14. Spotter works fine here, I use in online races.
    If that info worth: I did not do the plr changes it asked me to do when I opened it for the first time
  15. William Wester

    William Wester

    I'm using 2.17 - I use Nascar mode most of the time as I like the spotter chatter but without I still get "Your car is damaged", "brakes are cold", etc. during a race.

    I don't rename my GSC executable to rFactor, this works with mostly vanilla SCE.


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  16. Unfortunately I cannot get much during the race. If I select Nascar mode enabled, then I get all the 'stay high, stay low' messages, but that is no good for F1. If I untick that box, then I get hardly anything during the race - just 'engine is lost' and maybe 'limiter off' when I leave the pits.
    It is weird, because in qualifying it works fine.

    BTW I have recorded some extra driver names if anyone is interested (1991 season, Mansell, Senna etc). My voice is lower than the spotter, but I tried to imitate it, then edited them with sound mixing software, and they've turned out pretty good. Now I get 'Ayrton Senna has grabbed the pole' etc, and it really adds to the qual session.

    BUT back on topic, if anyone has any suggestions to get the spotter working fully in the race I'd be grateful if you could post them.

    @William Wester can you confirm, are you getting other messages aside from Nascar messages & damage/tyres? - such as position when you cross the line, driver has entered the pits etc? And if so, could you show us any of your other settings?

    Cheers :)
  17. tpw


    William Wester thanks so much for taking the time to post your settings. I wonder if specifying v1.255 will make the difference. I'll let you know!
  18. William Wester

    William Wester

    Without Nascar mode the Spotter isn't very talkative, I get damage messages and a little on brakes and tires. As is its still better than nothing but would be nice if there was further development.
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  19. tpw


    Yeah I pretty much ended up with a little bit of spotter chat in race when in Nascar mode.

    This is one plugin that could really do with full integration into GSC, same as the trackmap and realfeel plugins. With a bit of Reiza love it would be an awesome addition.
  20. I checked it in rFactor and it works fully in the race. I am certain it used to work in previous versions of GSC too.
    I know Reiza have enough to do already, but I wonder if it would be possible to get it working again in the race sessions somehow?