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Misc SpotterAddon 1.2

carlomaker and F1Dave's SpotterAddon (GSCE version)

  1. Angelq117 submitted a new resource:

    SpotterAddon - carlomaker and F1Dave's SpotterAddon (GSCE version)

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  2. @Angelq117 I downloaded and installed this Spotter Addon, copying all the files to the relevant folders.
    However, not sure how it must be started in the game to work. I did try the ALT Q key to enable it and the Volume key X to increase the volume but nothing. :mad:
    Must the Spotter Configuration file run in the back ground?
    Any settings in the Configuration file that must point to GSC maybe?
    How is the Voice recognition software installed/run?
    Any help appreciated, thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
  3. Nobody here to help getting the Spotteraddon to work????
  4. Hi Christo - sorry for the late reply. You won't need to activate the Spotter anywhere ingame to make it work.
    Just make sure you have dotnet Fx installed and then launch the spotter plugin from inside the SpotterAddon folder.
    Point it to your .PLR and it should work. Not sure if this will work - I have done clean install of GSC and simply copied the spotter in - and it worked. But maybe it was still pointing to my backup folder's .plr.
    Let me know if you don't come right. Will try and help you get it running. As for the voice recognition - you'll have to install the latest SpotterAddon from the net, which will install a third party software to allow voice recognition. The setup is also done within the SpotterAddon plugin.
  5. Thanks Angelq. Will give it a go when I am at my PC later today, maybe I do not have dotnet FX installed!!!
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  6. Hope it's something small. It really changes up the game a bit imo. Just mind the volume... f1Dave likes to shout the first time, lololol.
    I am still trying to get a way to add ambient sounds to tracks. Hope I get it working soon. Cheers
  7. Nope cannot get it to work. I do have Dotnet Framework installed. The only place in the Spotter configuration file that I can see where one must add a link or something is under the Shortcuts tab. Here is a Launch button next to rFactor shortcut. When I click on there it launches a copy of rFactor I got installed. I tried to add a custom shortcut, pointing it to my GSC.exe file. When I click Launch all on bottom, it tries to launch GSC but I get a black screen with "error opening core shaders Mas". So it is a question of what to put in as a shortcut I suppose?
    Really disappointed as I also thought this add on would be nice to have.
  8. Hi Christo... I am in front of my PC right now and won't mind assisting you.
    Go to Game Stock Car Extreme 2013\SpotterAddon and run the SpotterConfig.exe for me
    It should give you a warning screen to say that there's some PLR settings that needs reconfiguration. But just close that and go to where it says rFactor Profile. It should show your PLR file name there... if it says Marius Schoeman, then you need to get it to see yours.
    Let me know when you've checked.
  9. Sorry I was away from PC for a while. OK, I did do a fresh unzip and when it starts it showed a PLR file that was wrong. I clicked on the button on right and now it does point to my correct PLR file. It then launched the SpotterConfig file. DO I leave it open and running in background? Do I start the game with my normal shortcut? I did an offline race but did not hear anybody speak!! I must be dumn:redface:
  10. no not necessary... but hang on, i am uploading a new updated spotter addon. Just tested it on another pc with a brand new GSC... So if you wait a few minutes it will be ready for download. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  11. Busy reading, will also download your update.....
  12. WD Angelq, it now works like a dream. The fmodex.dll in the plugins folder was missing. Thanks you very much, it is so much closer to real racing........
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  13. Thx Angelq! Works like a charm on a clean install. Excellent!!
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  14. Managed to get the Ambient sounds working... now to get it a tiny bit louder. Then we're in business.
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  15. You a S*T*A*R
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  16. Quite interesting to use, and worked for me right away. I'll play around with more of the settings and offer more comments. One thing comes to mind: I might like to hear less frequent comparison times.. maybe every other lap; each and every sector gets noisy quickly. Remind me if there is a way to adjust things in this way..?
    Thanks for this, though!
  17. Hi Paul, yes there is. Go to the SpotterConfig.exe then select the "Alert" tab. Here you can adjust when to get notified for sector / lap times, opponent info like distance ahead or behind, tyre wear, fuel usage, brake temps, engine temps etc. You can even select priorities for certain event notifications.
    Most important is that you can set hot-keys to change stuff like spotter volume... etc. It even has an option to switch to a NASCAR type of spotter that will tell you to stay low, high, or that an opponent is passing on the outside, or inside etc.
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  18. Spotter is working well non-race sessions. During race he keeps quiet. When I hit ESC he gives a message.
    Voice Recognition does not working at all (seems that vr.exe crashes)
    but thanks for bringing this goodie to GSC !
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